WeWork rents four floors of Taikoo City Center

Swire Properties (1972) and WeWork, a shared office service provider, entered into a lease agreement to lease three blocks of the Taikoo Shing Center in Quarry Bay, covering a total of four floors and involving approximately 55,000 square feet. This is the first major developer in Hong Kong to conduct transactions with a shared office service provider. Swire Properties has not disclosed the rental price and refers to the market price. Earlier market news indicated that the deal had a lease of 45 yuan.

WeWork from the United States now has three shared office facilities in Hong Kong. It has leased flats in Central, Wanchai and Causeway Bay respectively. It can rent mobile desks at a minimum monthly rent of 3500 yuan. In fact, the sharing of space is nothing new. In response to the high cost of the office building industry, many offices in Central Hong Kong have long since been sub-letting or renting business. However, the shared office business is now more diversified.

Prince Edward has shared living space

In addition to offices that can be shared, and companies that operate a new type of housing-sharing living space, Weave had previously launched the shared living project Weaveon Boundary in Prince Edward. The interior design of the project includes a bedroom, etc., and the living room, kitchen, leisure room, fitness room and breakfast bar are arranged on each guest floor or recreational facility floor for the enjoyment of the guests. The project consists of 10 floors and can accommodate 160 guests. It offers private rooms with separate toilets and showers.

The concept of shared living has risen globally, and it is quite popular in New York, San Francisco or London. Operators of shared space believe that services are mainly targeted at young people, satisfy their daily needs, and solve the problem of insufficient land.