Kwun Tong Silk International Building enjoys panoramic views

The Kwun Tong Silk International Building enjoys a panoramic view of the sea, and new commercial buildings are completed in the vicinity of the site, which is expected to be one of the heart of the commercial area.

Silk International Building is located at Wai Yip Street and Hoi Wan Road near the Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station. Looking for information, the property was completed in 2010. At that time, the construction site was still dominated by the construction site, but there is a clear change. For example, the opposite 8 Bay East is expected to be completed in 2019. The building has 21 floors and a total floor area of ​​596,217 square feet. It was previously acquired by China Greenview China (00095) for 9 billion yuan, with an average price of about 15,000 yuan.

From Wei Yip Street to Kowloon Bay, it is a new commercial project, such as the One Bay East project. The two buildings were sold to Manulife Insurance and Citibank in 2013 and 2014 respectively, involving about $10 billion. Two properties were built several years ago. Completed, another side of the waterfront sink, held by Link Exhibition (00823) and Nanfeng, providing 883,000 square feet of floor space, is expected to be completed in early 2019.

10 minutes walk to MTR station

According to the exhibition, the waterfront office has a warm response to rents. Nearly half of the floor has been pre-leased, of which JP Morgan Chase has taken the lead in renting more than 30% of the floor. In other words, new commercial buildings have been completed in the entire area, and large foreign-funded and Chinese-funded institutions have gathered, and the prospects for the lot are ideal.

In traffic, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station to the building, but there is no covered bridge or tunnel connection. In addition, the lowest 6 floors of the project is a parking lot with 111 parking spaces. There are many bus stops in the vicinity of Kwun Tong Road. It is convenient to travel to and from Hong Kong Island. The overall transport facilities are ideal.

Nearby Kwun Tong Waterfront Park

In the food package, there is a lack of large shopping malls in Ngau Tau Kok. There are not many restaurants to choose from. The working people can go to the tea restaurant or restaurant in the underground of the nearby factory or walk to the Yumin Square area. In addition, the building is adjacent to Kwun Tong Waterfront Park. Working people can take a walk in the park after lunch or after work.

The property is developed by SHKP (00016). The quality of the property is ideal. Compared with the commercial buildings in the same district, the basement of the Supreme International Building has a high floor and is full of style and has ample combing seats. The 26-storey building consists of underground and basement (no 4, 13, 14 and 24 floors), providing 20-story office buildings with a floor area of ​​16,820 to 17,300 square feet, and a smaller unit area of ​​more than 1,000 square feet. Suitable for small and medium-sized companies. The building provides 8 lifts with ample supply to the 8th to 19th floors and the 19th to 28th floors.

Each floor is divided into units from 1 to 16. In the landscape, Unit 1 is close to Kwun Tong and Unit 16 is in the direction of Kowloon Bay. Another big selling point of the building is that there is no high-rise building in front of it. The middle and high-rise units can enjoy the cruise terminal view and are very comfortable. It is reported that such units are mainly concentrated in rooms 1 to 2 facing the beach. As for Units 3 to 11, the units are mainly for Lianye Street Industrial Building. As for Units 12 to 16, Wang Weiye Street is expected. In addition, the building roof is a sky garden, which can be used by tenants and is suitable for the organization’s activities.

Mainland China Silk Group, in mid-2009, purchased 10 floors of properties from New Territories, including 18th to 23rd floors and 25th to 28th floors, with a total of 10 floors, together with the building naming rights, involving a total of 1.068 billion yuan. Changed to the name of Sibao International Building. In January of this year, the foreign fund Anzu Gordon Fund and the Indian Ship King family spent nearly 2.1 billion yuan to purchase 9 floors of the property building from the Silk Group, covering an area of ​​16,824 to 16,921 square feet, and the price ranged from 12,686 to 14,196 yuan.