PARK YOHO Milano Simple and comfortable stop

The latest phase of PARK YOHO Milano in Kam Tin North, Kam Tin North, open the demonstration unit of the existing building, with wooden furniture and green scenery outside the window to create a comfortable and natural style.

PARK YOHO Milano opened its first demonstration unit yesterday, including Room B, 10th Floor, Block 33A, which is a model unit with furniture. With a total area of ​​578 square feet, the whole house is furnished with a large number of Japanese-style wood furniture, creating a simple home with natural wood color.

Wooden furniture in the whole house

The living room is decorated with a brown fabric and is fitted with an oak TV cabinet and a coffee table. It feels natural and harmonious. The dining room is specially designed with oak and walnut dining tables and chairs, and with the interior murals and decorations, the outdoor and indoor are integrated.

The living room is equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows, which can adopt outdoor natural light to make the unit more visible. The living room is connected to a 27-square-foot terrace overlooking the greenery from the terrace.

The unit is 2 bedrooms with storage compartment, the master room is designed in dark wood, and the room does not have a window sill to make the space more practical. The bedroom has reserved a wardrobe and a set of dark wood high-rise wardrobes for storing clothes. The unit bedroom and the living room are facing north, and the green garden view is outside.

The dining room is full of space, and the home appliances are all available.

On the same day, the developer opened the room A of the 10th floor of Block 33B without changing the demonstration unit. The unit area is 927 square feet, which is 3 bedrooms and 1 suite with storage compartment.

The unit dining room is a long-shaped design with a length of about 6 meters and a width of about 3.7 meters. The living room has a 34-square-foot terrace with floor-to-ceiling glass doors for an outdoor green tennis court.

The 3 bedrooms are all in the same view as the living room, and the south side overlooks the tennis court. The master suite features floor-to-ceiling windows and a cloakroom location for easy storage. The master bathroom is fully equipped with a bath and shower and a window to ensure air circulation.

The standard unit kitchen appliances are available, including Siemens cooking stoves, range hoods and microwave ovens, as well as the American brand Philco 2-in-1 washer-dryer and refrigerator. The kitchen has a storage room with a toilet and an 18-square-foot work platform.

PARK YOHO Milano has a total of 5 seats, designed for a two-wing, offering 538 pairs. The project interval is from open to 3 bedrooms, and the standard unit area is from 254 to 927 square feet. The project has another platform or rooftop special household with an area of ​​233 to 1,273 square feet. In particular, PARK YOHO Milano can provide 1 bedroom storage room. The interval unit is the interval choice provided for the first time in the entire Junyi project.