Sasha boss wife support son-in-law 2 million to buy Tsuen Wan studio

Sasha International (00178) Chairman Guo Shaoming and daughter-in-law Chen Zhenbang dismantled the studio project of THE BLOCK SEA, which sold about 50 units for about one month, and was also awarded the capital of about 2 million yuan by Guo Luoguizhen, vice chairman of the foreign mother Salsa International Holdings. Buy a studio.

Chen Jinlun, senior director of the business department of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce), said that Guo Luoguizhen bought a studio with a construction area of about 266 square meters for 2 million yuan, and the price was about 7,519 yuan. It is understood that Guo Luoguizhen’s son Guo Haoquan just opened a clothing brand, and the second time he entered the market is to use his son as a studio.

Derived group’s high-level 1.69 million purchase of one unit

In addition, Peng Guanliwen, the managing director and executive director of the Derivative Group (06893), also spent about 1.69 million yuan to purchase a unit of about 205 square meters, with a price of 8244 yuan, which will be used for investment purposes.

THE BLOCK SEA is located in the F and G rooms on the 16th floor of the Golden Bear Industrial Center, 66-82 Chai Wan Kok Street. The building area is about 10,000 square meters and is sold in 68 studios.