21 seats in Hong Kong

The Government announced yesterday the latest demarcation proposals for the 2019 district election, including the addition of 21 elected seats. The new housing estate constituency has become a battleground for the establishment of a community and a pan-community. The two camps have sent “new flags" to the new public housing estates. The card battles for next year’s elections have been in various districts before the demarcation is implemented. Expand.

In recent years, the Kwun Tong District, which has completed a number of new housing estates, has been proposed to increase its three seats by the EAC. Anda Village and Antai Village, which have been completed under the Government’s Anderson District Development Plan in recent years, will become two new constituencies. The establishment of the DAB community officer Xu Youwei and the “Antai Residents Association" brand Lin Biao are respectively The above two district services. Democratic Party Secretary Lin Guancun is the only representative of Andachen District.

The Sham Shui Po District Council, which is still in the same position as the Pan-civilian and the formed system, will add two seats, “Bihui" and “Su Wu", next year. The people’s collaboration was a large-scale household, and the community director Chen Mingji was stationed in Suwu Village, which was relocated in September of the previous year. The establishment system experienced two substitutions. The community of the DAB community officer He Kunzhou serves the district. The election next year will be the above two. After the 90s confrontation.

Yuen Long added 4 districts

Apart from the newcomers, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (DAB), who was a member of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, will move from Tung Chung to Shui Tung Au Estate in Sha Tin to compete with the new district, Mr Lui Chun-yan, the Assistant Member of the District Council, Mr Lui Ming. The Sha Tin District Council will increase its number of seats in the district next year. The other two districts will be the “Di Yi" constituency including the second phase of the Siu Mun Estate and the “Haicang" in the private estate of Ma On Shan.

The most new seats are the Yuen Long District Council, which comprises four new districts, namely Yuen Long Tung Tau, Hung Fuk, Shing Hin and Hui Yin. The areas include Long Ching Estate, Hung Kiu Estate, Po Fung Estate and Ping Yan Estate. Housing and HOS projects. Among them, the Yuen Long East Head covers both public and private housing, the Democratic Link Shek King Shing and the DAB Li Qili have respectively fallen into the district; the Hong Fu New District has the former Secretary-General of the Association, Chen Shuhui, who is airborne and is expected to challenge the former District Council member and the Democratic Alliance for Development of the People’s Republic of China. .