The second floor is broken. The green house of the new village is 7.66 million.

The government’s new housing policy was introduced for nearly one month. The first and second procedures recorded a broken transaction. The cost of the second-line housing estates also surged. The two-bedroom unit in Tsuen Wan Luyang New Village changed hands by 7.66 million yuan, both in terms of cost and price.

Market participants pointed out that the price of a one-bedroom unit in Boao Bay, Tsuen Wan, was RMB 12.1 million, challenging the new high in the New Territories. The news stimulated the second-hand property prices in the same district. In the past, there were five housing estates in the Liwan District. Among them, the third floor of Block B of Luyang New Village, Tsuen Wan, has a practical area of ​​451 square feet. It belongs to the two-room interval. It has just changed hands with 7.66 million yuan, and the practical price is 16,984 yuan. The construction price has reached a new high for two-bedroom households, and the price has become a new high. It is reported that the original owner bought the unit at 5.28 million yuan in July 2015. The goods were sold for just 3 years, and the book profit was 2.38 million.

It is reported that the latest valuation of the large bank on the site is only 7.13 million yuan, reflecting that the buyer entered the market with a high valuation of 530,000 yuan. Coupled with a property price of more than 7 million yuan, banks can make up to 60% of mortgages, meaning that buyers may have to use nearly 3.4 million yuan to enter the market in the first phase.

5.1 million

Secondly, the Tsuen Wan Centre in the same district recorded a number of high-priced transactions this month. Among them, 16 high-rise C rooms have a saleable area of ​​329 square feet. They are two-room intervals. They just changed hands with 5.1 million yuan, creating a new high cost for similar units. The original owner purchased the unit for 1.97 million yuan in 2012, holding the goods for 6 years, and the book profit was 3.13 million yuan to leave the market.

In addition to the Tsuen Wan District, the second-hand market in Yuen Long District was also driven by the new disk effect. It also benefited from the single-storey old building market in the district. The cost of the two-bedroom unit was almost 5 million yuan. For example, Yuen Long Feng Shun South Street Hao Shun King Building (33 years old building), a middle floor G room, the practical area is only 324 square feet, belonging to the 2 room interval, a few days ago to change hands of 4.88 million yuan, the price of 15,062 yuan, belonging to the same unit A new record in cost. The original owner purchased it for 2.9 million yuan in 2015, and the book held a three-year profit of 1.98 million yuan to leave the market.

The 3rd floor of the lower floor of Block A of Shuntai Building in the same district, with a usable area of ​​377 square feet, changed hands to 4.67 million yuan a day ago, and also directly forced the 5 million yuan mark.

Buying and selling saws 50 housing estates last week 71

As regards Hong Kong Island, the cost of a number of large-scale blue-chip housing estates has broken the cost of second- and third-tier housing estates. For example, the 1st floor of Block A of Aberdeen Centre has a saleable area of ​​721 square feet. It is a three-bedroom interval and has just changed hands with $1.18 million. The price of the price was 16,477 yuan, and the cost of the creation of a housing estate has reached a record high in 37 years.

In fact, the second-hand property market has seen a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in recent days. The trading volume of a number of large housing estates has dropped significantly, but the transaction price has continued to rise. According to a study by Lee Kwai Court, 50 property housing estates in Hong Kong recorded only 71 transactions last week (July 16 to July 22), compared with 72 in the previous week (July 9 to July 15). Zong reduced by 1%, hitting a 21-week low since mid-February this year. Li Jiage Real Estate Director Chen Dawei pointed out that since the government announced the decoupling of HOS flats, some buyers expected that there would be “price reductions", but the general owners were hard-pressed and the two sides were in serious trouble. It is expected that the second-hand index housing market in the next one or two weeks will still be under pressure.