The Lands Department has reported that the case has been banned for three years

In the case of illegal construction in Hong Kong, the tyranny of the New Territories and the tyranny of the Lands Department have been delayed by more than 20 years. The Ombudsman has been “dissident". The Director of Lands, Mr Chan Sing-ching, admitted that there was an unsatisfactory place in the handling of the case and that the internal review had been conducted. The most important thing was to make adjustments on the allocation of priorities and to increase the number of cases Processing, and the backlog of more than 2,000 more complex cases, set the target processing schedule, is expected to 2 to 3 years to complete the treatment.

Mr Chan has pointed out on the television program that the establishment of the New Territories Action Group in 2007 in the past was due to the shortage of manpower and backlog cases in the past, hoping to help deal with the backlog. Since the establishment of the group, a total of about 7 700 cases have been received and over 5,000 cases have been processed.

Adjust the priorities to deal with the case

In the early days of the establishment of the New Territories Action Group, the strategy was that it would be difficult to go first and then come out. Fresh cases that had just been received would be dealt with first and some backlogs would be placed in a later order. Mr Chan admitted that some of the cases had been overstaying for a long time. Although there was not much impact on the public, they were not so good in their perception. Therefore, the case should be adjusted for the first time. Type and complexity, prioritization and target processing schedules, and regular review of the progress of the case.

Mr Chan said that the New Territories Action Team had received more complicated cases, which could be more serious and difficult cases in recent years. It is expected that the remaining two more complicated cases will take two to three years to complete the handling.

In view of the breach of construction of agricultural land, he said that it would be necessary to start with a deed of deeds (but that he was deed), but that there was a limited deterrent effect. In 2014, the department would take a more aggressive approach.ernment Land Rights  Ordinance will be used. It can be seen that the Ordinance will have a deterrent effect. He stressed that the unauthorized construction of private agricultural land, the Government will not tolerate.

Mr Chan pointed out that the department was aware of the public’s concern about squatters and unauthorized structures on government land or private land. The future will focus more on land control. The department is experimenting with modern technology such as aerial photography. To shoot, and then compare the computer to find illegal black spots, focus processing, the expected test takes about a year to have conclusions.