Taikoo Shing 935 million sales of high valuation of 10% of the property prices continued to break the bank lag half months

Second – hand residential property prices continue to rise, the market repeated high – priced transactions, many of them higher than the bank valuation. As the property market benchmarks Quarry Bay Taikoo Shing, recently even more recorded two higher than the bank valuation of the transaction, one of the lower three rooms sold at 9.35 million yuan, the cost is far higher than the bank valuation of nearly 10%. Actors speak, property prices continue to break the top, but the bank valuation is lagging behind half a month to a month, leading to the recent market continued to appear higher than the valuation of the transaction.

The above-mentioned cost is much higher than the bank valuation of the city of Taikoo Shing, Lushan Court lower C room, the practical area of ​​589 square feet. Midland Real Estate Chief Operating Manager Wu Zhaoji said that the unit in the past Saturday (16) to 935 million yuan sold, the price of about 15,900 yuan. The original owners in September 2009 to spend 4.45 million yuan to buy, holding 8 years book profit of 4.9 million yuan, the appreciation of about 1.1 times.

Wu Zhaoyi said the site was released in July this year, when the price of 10.5 million yuan, despite the sale price reduction of more than one million yuan, but the transaction price compared to HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank (02888) and DBS Bank online valuation To 8.53 million yuan, still higher than 820,000 yuan (about 9.6%).

Janshi Tian Xi Qi is now undervalued

As for the same house Baoshan Pavilion high D room, the practical area of ​​689 square feet, Wu Zhaoji said yesterday to 10.85 million yuan sold, about $ 15,700 yuan. According to the above three online valuation of the bank, the unit valuation of the same 10.48 million yuan, which means that the high price of the transaction is about 3.5%. According to the original owner in September 2012 purchase price of 8.08 million dollars, the transfer of hands to earn 2.77 million yuan (about 34.3%).

In fact, the lack of bank valuation also appeared in the luxury market. Century 21 regional director Si Yong Yong said, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station Harborside practical area of ​​1076 square feet of the three high-level D room, the beginning of this month buyers with a parking space to undertake, the transaction price of 31.8 million yuan, about 29,600 yuan per square foot. However, the Bank of Hong Kong (02388), Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC Online valuation of 30.82 million to 31.52 million yuan, reflecting the transaction price higher than the valuation of 0.9% to 3.2%. The original owners in August 2009 to 22.17 million yuan to purchase units, the book earn 9.63 million yuan, the appreciation of about 43.4%.

The same area of ​​luxury villas Cullinan 21 corridor Xi Xi high-rise A room, the practical area of ​​915 square feet, Stuart Yongquan said, also recently sold 30.3 million yuan, the unit than the valuation of 29.33 million yuan in Hong Kong expensive 37 million (about 1.2%), foot price of about 3.31 million yuan. The original owners in February 2010 to 23.5 million yuan into the market, the book appreciation of 6.8 million yuan (about 28.9%).

“The lack of undervalued banks is less likely to occur in large estates, but in view of the recent break in property prices, coupled with the bank’s" old (record) record “to infer the unit’s valuation, the bank’s property chief executive, , Which has resulted in an increase in the number of cases in which the recent transaction price on the market is higher than the bank valuation. It is expected that the situation will continue under the market.