Ten House Weekend 11 deals 18 weeks high

Over the past two days the primary market has not started a large new disk sale, purchasing power back to the secondary market, to stimulate the top ten housing turnover picked up. The main agent statistics have recorded growth in the Central Plains real estate 11 transactions, by 1.75 times the weekly surge, the volume of 18-week high turnover.

Centaline real estate Asia-Pacific vice president and president of residential Chen Yongjie said that the new disk sales ideal, many back to the second-hand market, the second-hand turnover performance.

New disk queuing debut owners attitude slightly soft

According to the Midland Property Branch, there were about 13 transactions recorded in the last week’s top ten blue-faced housing estates, with two more weekly (about 18.2%) and double-digit holdings for two consecutive weeks. Midan Real Estate Minister Bu Shaoming pointed out that the new disk line up debut, some owners see the supply continued to rise, the price of a slight softening of the attitude, so that the pace of trading faster, which is relatively concentrated price of the New Territories second-hand housing area significantly benefit The Li Jiaqiang, president of Ricoh Properties, said that although the top ten housing estates had recorded nine transactions in the past two days, it was 29% qoq. Due to the lack of positive factors in the secondary market, it was expected to make a short break in second-hand transactions.

Hong Kong home sales statistics of the top ten blue-chip housing the past weekend there are about 9 transactions, according to weekly 80%, the bank chief executive Li Zhicheng said that some second-hand owners fine-tuning bargaining space, favorable to facilitate transactions.

Weekend ten housing transactions, Lai Chi Kok Mei Fu Village recorded tart orders for sale at a higher price. Centaline Property Manager Liang said that Broadway Street, No. 4, No. 75 high-rise B room, the practical area of ​​1052 square feet, originally sold last month to 12 million yuan, the buyer later tarted, the unit re-sale and sell expensive 200,000 yuan , To 12.2 million yuan change hands, about $ 16,600 yuan foot price. The original owner in 1974 to 15.05 million purchase, the book earn earn 1204.95 million (about 80 times).