New disk purchasing power turned to second hand

The third quarter is about to end, but this season has opened a number of new disk sales, sales improved significantly, “a shop to sell off" situation, one after another, reflecting the strong purchasing power of the market, home business is expected to rise Second – hand trading to increase power.

People ‘s home buyers are in high spirits

Although some of the real estate sector analysts have reservations about the trend of the property market in the second half, that interest rate factors, will make the property market down. However, this season the new plate hit all from Tsuen Wan. Cityhui to high, the focus of the city once fell into the attention of the new disk, all 953 guys actually sold all within the 9 days of light, although there are several sets of tarts, still attract thousands of people rushed to the sales office luck, we can see the public Home industry sentiment.

Subsequently, the new estate company, Oasis Kai Tak, the first batch of 130 members of the same “Q Q bag", high property prices, purchasing power is surging to show up.

Second-hand property market has no shortage of quality housing, but the lack of disk source, the general owners of low volume, in no hurry to sell, resulting in low trading volume hovering, as long as the owner shipping mentality clear, slightly slightly bargaining space, buyers and sellers easy to reach a deal The Together with the report of the next month Lin Zheng, in addition to the first set on the car for a number of on-demand requirements, whether it will tighten the mortgage, or increase the demand for tax restrictions and other measures, what specific housing policy is still unknown, Some buyers Ning fast footsteps into the market.