Yuen Long Jun 3 room eclipse 3.4 million departure

Yuen Long Jun 3 room eclipse 3.4 million departure

Developers are lower than the market price to sell new discs, dragging down second-hand property prices in various districts. Individuals are eager to cash in on the owners and even choose to eclipse the exit. Yuen Long Jun 2A is a 3-bedroom unit with a change of 9 million yuan. Hold the goods for 1 year and a half, and the surface eclipse was 2.88 million yuan.

Huangpu Middle Floor is reduced by 1.85 million

The agent in the district revealed that the high-rise room A of the 16A seat of Jun 2A, with a practical area of ​​925 square feet, belongs to the three-room Lianshi multi-room interval. The original owner purchased the unit for about 11.88 million yuan in mid-2017, originally with about 11 million. After the yuan was put on the market, the two parties finally resold them at a price of 9 million yuan. The book loss was about 2.88 million yuan. If the miscellaneous expenses such as commissions and printing fees were counted, it was expected to lose more than 3.4 million yuan. The buyer is responsible for paying an additional stamp duty of about $900,000.

Secondly, Sun Huiqiang, manager of Sun Real Estate Branch, revealed that the third floor of Block D, Huangpu Garden, has a usable area of ​​754 square feet. The owner released the price in November last year. At that time, the price was RMB 12.75 million. After the bargaining, it was changed by RMB 10.9 million. The price is 1.85 million yuan. In 2004, the original owner bought and rented for 3.33 million yuan, and the change in the hands of the book was a huge profit of 7.57 million yuan.

Shangshui Wei Cui High-rise sale 9916

Furthermore, the high-rise Room A of the 2nd floor of Weishui Garden in Sheung Shui has a usable area of ​​716 square feet. The owner reduced the price by 900,000 yuan. The parking space was resold for 7.1 million yuan. The price was 9,916 yuan, which fell below 10,000 yuan.

In addition, market news revealed that Tung Chung Sing Hui’s second-hand trading accelerated, including 7 high-rise rooms A, with a saleable area of ​​1,034 square feet. The owner’s asking price was 12 million yuan, and eventually reduced to 1,168,000 yuan. The cost of similar units last year was 13.48 million. Yuan, down 13%. The original owner purchased it for 8.703 million yuan in 2014, and the book still earned about 2.99 million yuan to leave the market.