Yuan Zhaokai main fight a short room should be the city

Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po have been deployed by the Far East Development (00035) and the URA to form a " After the Board, there are only 72 units available for sale. The developer’s target is for sale next month, with reference to the new disk.

Sha Tau Kok Shang Cheng new terms

Far East Development Senior Business and Chief Marketing Officer Fang Jun said, located in the altar street 229 to 231, proud of a total of 87 partners, of which 5 for the 2 rooms, the effective area of ​​more than 400 square feet; the remaining room for a room, About 250 to 300 square feet; the top floor with three rooftop special households. A total of 15 projects will be returned to the URA in the future, including 5 housing units, mainly concentrated low-level, so the actual sales of only 72 units, the target for sale in November. Ao Kui part of the unit to enjoy the sea, the price will refer to the same area with the new disk, and in the Tai Hsiao is now shopping malls with two demonstration units. To the actual area of ​​dollars, Ao Kui per square foot management fee of about 4 yuan, is expected to March 1, 2019 into the occupation.

The same level of the new border of the restricted area of ​​Sha Tau Kok Shang Cheng has not recorded a number of transactions, Fang Jun said that Shang Cheng has sold 50 pairs of cash, cash about 200 million yuan, will be short-term re-push, and will join the new terms to attract outside Buyers, such as first rent to buy plans. He said that real estate pricing and external comparison is still competitive, do not intend to sell at reduced prices. Shangcheng, located at 31 Shun Lung Street, Sha Tau Kok, offers 261 flats with a usable area of ​​277 to 636 sq ft and is expected to be occupied by the end of October next year.