Hai Xuan Phase 1B Victoria Harbor View next month to tender the price of Asian high-level challenge

this year’s most prominent residential projects North Point Hai Xuan 1B (hereinafter referred to Hai Xuan 1), to be Lunar New Year (February next year) before the sale of not more than 100, all tender for sale, in November to less than 10 Seagate big lead, the price of Hong Kong Island to challenge the Hong Kong Island, a new high-level luxury developers, the development of the sword as well as the whole of Asia, the determination of the floor,

Xintian Deputy Managing Director of the Thunder to “hammer", “selling Zuo buy Wu" to describe the extent of the project rarely refers to the project is a residential landmark in Hong Kong, stressed that Hai Xuan 1 only 355, so will be reluctant to sell. “Looking forward to a lot of units in the price of Hong Kong Island will be a new high-level luxury." However, for the developers in the eyes of Hai Xuan 1 foot price requirements will reach 100,000 yuan or more, Thunder will not comment. The data show that the current price of the highest price per square foot of Hong Kong Wang Heng (00012) West Mid-Levels West Tower 46 (also known as 88 floor) B room with 1720 square feet rooftop, the end of the month with three parking spaces sold for about 522 million , The price of 105,000 yuan per foot, creating the whole territory of Asia and even the highest price of three-dimensional footsteps.

The first use of self-study noise glass

Thunder said that Hai Xuan 1 in the Lunar New Year (next year in February) will only be introduced before the sale of less than 100 people, and will use the tender to sell, each bid to sell in 10 groups, and large units , The fastest of the month to launch the first batch of tender, the rest of the unit is reserved for the current building was arranged, sales similar to the group Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station cover residential projects like celestial, “and still have units to sell."

It is located in Hai Xuan No. 1, No. 133, Zaoxue Road, North Point. In June this year, it has been approved for pre-sale consents. The project is expected to be available in the next year.

Xinhuan agent Chen Hanlin, general manager, said Hai Xuan 1 by 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 a total of five residential buildings, apartment layout by the practical area of ​​nearly 300 square feet open to the maximum 2400 square feet 4 rooms double sets of massage pool unit. 1 room unit practical area of ​​about 360 to 370 square feet, 2 households practical area of ​​more than 500 square feet; open units not more than 20, even the rooftop and even the garden and other special households have more than 20 partners. Hai Xuan 1 to provide a total of 128 parking spaces; and Hai Xuan 2 units of area and other information is not yet implemented.

Hai Xuan Phase 1 has adopted a large number of glass curtain walls to highlight the advantages of the Harbor View in the project. The use of glass is a noise reduction function to provide similar facilities for the first residential projects in Hong Kong and has been approved by the EPD and the Buildings Department Recognized. Households open windows can be ventilated, but also reduce noise interference. This type of noise reduction facility is a three-year study of the new site and is tested in the laboratory and in the building.

Mr Chan pointed out that the four-storey residential area provided 245,000 sq ft of retail flats and that the first part of the hotel opened with 70,000 square feet of food and retail floor. He said that the project had been set up at the MTR station The Hai Xuan Phase 1 underground traffic interchange has started operation.

Data show that the new land in 2012 to 13 years between the success of the former North Point Village, a residential land and a hotel land, including residential land development for the Hai Xuan 1 and 2, as the hotel will open next year.

Jinhai II accumulated more than 2,500 votes

In addition, the new Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai II (29) for a second round of the sale of a total of 131, the market news that as of Thursday (26) accumulated more than 2,500 votes, exceeding 18 times; the project will be in the week Six (28 days) cut the votes. The other is the same as the Changsha Bay Nanchang station on the cover of the project Xi Xi just to 52,554,800 yuan to sell the sea drilling 16th floor B room, the practical area of ​​1854 square feet, 28300 yuan per square foot.