Jiahu sells 6% of homes and flats

In recent months, the stock market and the property market have been falling, and market anxiety has increased. There are small owners in Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei who are willing to sell the unit at a price lower than the market price of 4.8 million yuan. In just two days, they successfully sold at zero bargaining, 3 months ago. The cost of the lowest-level units in the same category fell more than 6%. The release of a new batch of Baiju’s purchasing power will not help reverse the subsidy of housing prices. The Niuchiwan homestay Jiafengtai has a three-bedroom unit with a price of nearly 10%. The unpaid land price is 5.998 million yuan, which is the same unit for nearly a year. Once again lost the “six goals." The agent said that the current market conditions are not good, if the buyer boldly counter-offer, the transaction price is always pleasant.

The recent decline in the price of Kingswood Villas has become the norm, and the middle-level units are trading at lower prices. Li Jiage real estate division manager Chen Jiaxing said that Lehuju 7 middle-floor F room two-bedroom households, 237 square meters of practical area, sold for two days, a price of 4.8 million yuan, the price of 10,690 yuan, relative to the lowest level of the same seat The same room cost 5.15 million yuan in July this year, down 350,000 yuan (about 6.8%). The original owner entered the market with a price of 1.22 million yuan in 2008. Even with this flat sale, the book still earned 3.58 million yuan (about 2.9 times).

It is learnt that the new purchaser is a customer in the same district. He has been waiting for the “hands-on" opportunity in the district for more than one month. He has also subscribed for the new Yuen Long and Tuen Mun new orders. Long, “Now, the price of the unit (the above) is reasonable", and it is extremely fast.

After enquiring about the online valuation of the three note-issuing banks in Hong Kong, the above-mentioned Lehu residential middle-level unit, BOC Hong Kong (02388), had the highest valuation, amounting to $5.23 million, which was $430,000 lower than the transaction price. The difference was equivalent to the buyer’s initial payment. A total of nearly 960,000 yuan (to build the highest 80% mortgage).

Jiafengtai three rooms 6 million have to find

Fu Wei Real Estate Division Manager Sun Weiwen said frankly that the current external economy is uncertain and the owner’s mentality is generally softened. “Buyers are boldly bargaining and the transaction price is always pleasant." For example, the Jiafengtai 4 low-rise A-room three-bedroom unit has a usable area of ​​590 square meters. In the New Territories, Bai Ju’s family guest, “Zhongzhong", immediately started bargaining, “from 6.6 million all the way down", and yesterday, the unpaid land price was 5.998 million yuan, and the price was 10166 yuan.

A low-rise H room with the same floor and area, which was not repaid in October last year, was exchanged for 6.06 million yuan, meaning that the latest transaction price returned to the level at the end of last year. In 2007, the original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 1,160,200 yuan, and the book value increased by 4,738,800 yuan (about 2.7 times).

The case of price reductions is spread across all districts. Li Zongwen, the business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the two-bedroom unit of the lower floor of Room F, Building 5, Yunwei Garden, Dawei, has a saleable area of ​​429 square meters. It has an unreserved land price of 3.5 million yuan. On Monday (22nd), after receiving the White House II purchase qualification certificate, he repaid the price to the owner. He was reduced by 220,000 yuan (about 6.3%) yesterday, to 3.28 million yuan (not paid land premium), and the price was 7646 yuan. The market has a new low since July last year. In 2000, the original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 612,000 yuan, earning 2.668 million yuan (about 4.4 times).