50% increase in rent at 100 Queen’s Road Central

Oriental Watch (00398) implemented the abandonment of the basement of No. 100 Queen’s Road Central in Central and the flagship store of the underground low-rise complex. The owner’s senior investor Luo Shouhui commissioned the agency to introduce rent, with an intentional rent of 3 million yuan per month. %.

Chen Shuhui, director of the investment department of Savills Davis, pointed out that the real area of ​​the property is 19,064 square meters, of which 8359 square meters are to the lower basement of Queen’s Road Central, with an intentional monthly rent of 3 million yuan, and a lease of about 157.4 yuan. In order to provide greater flexibility and meet the needs of customers of different sizes, the owner proposes that the basement and the lower basement can be rented separately.

According to the information, the Oriental Watch Bank has been renting the site for many years. The monthly rent for the lease signed three years ago was 2 million yuan. However, the rent of the land and the 1st and 2nd floor of Luyouxing in the same area was recently rented at 2 million yuan, so the lease was renewed.

Intentional rent is 3 million per month

According to another source, Luo Shouhui sold the C to G shop on the ground floor of No. 21-24, Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, with a construction area of ​​4,714 square feet. The price was about 233.35 million yuan. The property was purchased in 2009 for 26.3 million yuan, with a profit of 83.7 million yuan, an appreciation of 3.2 times.