The Central Plains mortgage partner shoots the ring to push the credit unlimited times

As banks in Hong Kong implement interest rate hikes, the stress test will also move up. The purchasers will not be able to understand their credit history and the mortgage application will be rejected. Centaline Property and Zhongyuan Mortgage announced that they will partner with the Credit Information Service, which will be able to apply for mortgage pre-approval services from now until the end of December. Offer.

Wang Meifeng, Managing Director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Brokers, pointed out that understanding his credit history is convenient for managing credit scores and correcting records when necessary. If you wish to obtain the bank’s building approval as soon as possible, it will also help to speed up the bank processing. Preliminary results were awarded. If the borrower has a good credit history and a high credit score, the mortgage rate and concession granted by the bank are also better.

Luo Rui, director of personal business operations of Hong Kong, said that if individuals wish to access the credit report, the monthly fee is 280 yuan. In 2017, a total of 140,000 people reviewed the credit report on their own.