Zhou Qibang rumors that 11.2 million ring one-bedroom

Celebrities screamed in the air, and the Land Registry data showed that the one-bedroom unit in the middle of the middle half of the ring in the middle of the mountain, with a usable area of 351 square feet, was sold at the end of last month at a price of 11.2 million yuan, with a price of 31,909 yuan.

The original owner is WONG WING LAM [picture], the Chinese and English names are the same as the ladies of the famous lady Zhou Qibang, Zhou Tanyue, and the daughter of Huang Yonglin. It is expected to be the same person. She bought it in 2010 for 10.278 million yuan, and the book earned only 922,000 yuan. (about 9%).

According to the information, Zhou Tanyue Qing also held the A-room of the high-rise ring of the ring, and the practical area was 650 square meters. However, it was changed to RMB 20.5 million in October last year. According to the purchase price of RMB 210.58 million in 2010, the book was slightly etched 558,000. Yuan (about 2.6%).