The agent is required to supervise the new order of employees

The Estate Agents Authority (GPA) has further strengthened the regulation of the estate agents. A new practice circular was issued yesterday to set out more stringent guidelines on the order and behaviour of the estate agents at the sale point of the first-hand estates. A total real estate supervision to supervise and monitor the order and behavior of all employees on the first-hand real estate site, and to provide the local supervision bureau with a list of all employees dispatched and command system charts, etc., otherwise there will be opportunities for disciplinary action. The new notice will take effect on December 1 this year.

The new regulations of the local supervision bureau will take effect in December

The Chief Executive of the Lands Supervision Bureau, Han Yuping, said that the order and behavior of the estate agents in the first-hand real estate sales outlets have continued to attract great public attention. After the establishment of the first-hand residential property sales chart with the developer in July this year, although the first-hand real estate sales point was discovered, The order has improved significantly, but it is believed that there is still room for further improvement.

In order to provide consumers with a good sales environment and enhance the professional image of estate agents and maintain a good order of first-hand residential property sales promotion activities, the guidelines of the new notice will strengthen the effective supervision and management of the real estate agency and its management. First-hand property sales point staff accountability.

Under the New Practice Notice, estate agents are not allowed to deploy non-licensed staff to any first-hand property sales outlets for any type of promotional activities. They should also appoint a general estate supervisor to supervise and monitor all staff assigned to the first-hand property sales outlets. Order and behavior. The Chief Superintendent must be licensed for 10 years or more and have held a management position for at least 5 years.

At least one day before the start of each property sale, the real estate agency must provide the local supervision bureau with a list of all employees dispatched, a chart of the command system and how to supervise and manage the employee behavior in order to maintain good order. Internal policy.

If the estate agency and its management fail to comply with the above guidelines, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the Lands Supervision Bureau. They may also be punished for failing to establish or maintain proper procedures or systems to manage their business.

The Lands Supervision Bureau has briefed the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce on the focus of the new notice at the Industry Quarterly Liaison Conference in September this year. The new practice notice has been uploaded onto the EAA website.