Industrial Park Wang Wang transactions more than 10,000 yuan per square foot

The selling price of fine-priced industrial buildings has stimulated the sale and purchase of industrial buildings by over 4,000 cases in the first 10 months of this year, accounting for 55% of the total turnover of industrial and commercial buildings. With the price of the market, a number of new projects launched, individual flats to more than 1 million price.

According to information provided by the Integrated Land Registrar of the Research Department of APHK, a total of 7,400 transactions were registered in the commercial and industrial markets in the first 10 months of this year, of which 4,136 were traded in industrial buildings, accounting for 55.9% of the total %, Relative shops and commercial buildings accounted for about 20% of shops, industrial buildings accounted for a significant proportion.

Nearly 7 percent of the industrial buildings sold in September were fine properties

However, the registered capital of the industrial buildings is only about 28.85 billion yuan, accounting for only about 35.1% of the total, less than the total of 31.36 billion yuan of commercial buildings ranked first. That is, the average turnover of each industrial building is about 7 million yuan, reflecting the market dominated by small silver codes of industrial transactions. With reference to the registration data of the industrial buildings in September, a total of 454 transactions were recorded, of which 317 were attributable to the sale of fine industrial buildings at a cost of less than 5 million, accounting for nearly 70% of the total.

The market demand for fine properties is high, many investors took the opportunity to push the disk, together with the revitalization of industrial projects, the market in recent months, at least 5 demolition projects. However, the finer the price is, the more expensive the price is, the higher the price of some projects is over $ 10,000, which is comparable to the commercial floor level. There are 42 studios on the 2nd floor of THE ICON in Kwun Tong, an ideal group with an area of ​​111 to 217 Square feet. It is learned that an area of ​​129 square feet unit, priced at 2.167 million yuan, foot price of 16,798 yuan. As for the Prince Edward Square, San Po Kong industrial project, the project provides 37 studios, the project priced at 1.473 million yuan, together with the urban area, the first day of the sale has sold 24 units, reflecting the urban area of ​​affordable housing.

Activated Chemical Industry Research Restored downtown industrial area by holding

While the price of small industrial resale profit margin is good, such as Hong Kong, Tai Kok Tsui macro middle 11 rooms, an area of ​​394 square feet, the original owner of the market in August this year to 3.34 million yuan market, holding more than 1 month to 4.17 million yuan SELL sold in the form of touch, book profit 830,000 yuan, an increase of 25%.

On the other hand, the revitalization of the industrial park policy research restart, large industrial floor and factory floor trading, has recently become increasingly active signs, of which the urban areas more popular industrial projects. Such as Yau Tong Mei Tong Industrial Building, two full-floor floor, with parking spaces, an area of ​​34,700 square feet, with about 120 million yuan change hands. Secondly, the ground floor of the Kin Kau Industrial Building in Kwun Tong and two full floors were closed at about $ 250 million. With an area of ​​33,400 square feet, the fare is about $ 7,500.