The Albany jumped 50,000 new records

Luxury hot market conditions, large areas increased turnover. The Midany Midtown just to middle-level households to 95.8 million yuan change hands, practical foot price approaching 50,000 yuan, a new record high.

The Albany has a middle-aged family that has changed hands at a high of 95.8 million yuan.

The market pointed out that The Albany Middle Section C, which was sold at a ceiling price, has a salable area of ​​1,948 square feet and a utility price of $ 49,179. In the same district, a low-rise living room, Tower 1, was received by the buyer for about $ 61.5 million. The salable area is about 2,558 square feet and the usable foot price is about $ 24,042.

Century Building, a billion were received

The Mid-Levels Century Mansion with limited investment has also been recently completed. The estate has 2 high-rise houses with a usable area of ​​2,792 square feet and registered for sale at $ 110 million with a usable foot price of about $ 39,398. Zhongyuan Cai Ya Adam said that the same district Xiaofeng Pavilion 1 low-rise room B for about 19 million yuan resale, unit usable area of ​​about 761 square feet, practical foot price of about 24,967 yuan.

Royal gold Tianchi housing purchase price of 68,000 feet

According to market sources, the second half of the Yat Hut in Mid-Levels recorded a second transaction in this year. There were units in the estates receiving about 39 million yuan from buyers and a practical price of about $ 20,000. Associated Press Shep Kwan said that there will be a new launch in North Point to stimulate the release of purchasing power in the same district. The three-bedroom, three-bedroom, three-bedroom Apartment in Branson Hill Garden with a salable area of ​​about 871 square feet has been traded at about $ 16.6 million. yuan.

Kowloon luxury mansion trading equally active. The market pointed out that Southwest Kowloon Royal Gold? Guofeng only provide 6 Tianchi units, one of the unique swimming pool features unit, the buyer at a practical foot price of about 68,000 yuan purchase, involving the amount of more than 100 million yuan.

Centaline Property Shau Kee Kei said Heaving Mansion 2 high-rise A2 room, with a salable area of ​​1,163 square feet, with three bedrooms including suite interval, with car parking price of 16.26 million yuan, practical foot price 13,981 yuan, the unit appreciation of five years 22 %.