Asia House King Nicholson price broken 130,000 feet

The property price rise is amazing. The Peak Phase 3 of Peak Mount Nicholson, which is being sold by Wheelock Real Estate, was completed yesterday with a group of buyers exceeding 11.64 billion in average. The average practical price per square foot is more than $ 132,000. Asia, a new high-rise residential.

Mount Nicholson has recorded record highs in sales since its launch in each issue. The sale price of the storied mansion is higher than that of the bungalow.

Before the end of the year, the selling atmosphere of Hong Kong luxury mansion continued to heat up. Wheelock Properties announced the first record auction of Mount Nicholson, the 12th floor of Block C and the 12th floor of Block D with separate storied mansions purchased by the same group of buyers with salable area of ​​4,242 and 4,579 respectively Square feet, the selling price respectively more than 560 million and more than 604 million yuan, the average price per square feet reached 132,060 yuan. As for the six re-tendering units of the project, the tender will be closed today.

Price over one year more than 50%

In fact, the project has been recorded since the sale of skyrocketing transactions, the end of last month has just completed the tender to sell the first phase of No. 3 bungalow, sold for nearly 1.164 billion yuan, creating Hong Kong housing estates a new high, more than 126,800 yuan foot price, The sale price of the third phase mansion is higher than that of the bungalow.

If compared with the prices of the stratified households sold in the second phase of the previous project, the price increases in the third phase will be even more conspicuous. In November last year, the two gangs of high-rise buildings A and B on the 16th floor sold for 912 million yuan, With an average price of more than $ 104,800 per square foot. At that time, it also hit a new high in residential flats in Asia. The transaction price was lower at about 26% per sq ft in about a year. If compared with the sale price of $ 85,000 per sq ft at Blocks A and B on 12th floor last October, the figure is even higher by 55%.

Head of Wheelock Estate, Mr Leung Chi Kin, said Mount Nicholson was well-positioned with few units and was well received by the market. The launch of the third-phase sales units received a large number of bidders from local, mainland and overseas tycoons, Project quality and market demand, the company did not deliberately sell at innovative high prices.

Data show that Henderson Land (00012) Mid-Levels West Tianhui sold in September this year, the top floor Wang Tianchi mansion, the transaction price of more than 521 million yuan, the practical foot price of 105,000 yuan, was expected to create a new high-rise residential in Asia.

Tang Wenliang as a luxury

Ji Wenwen, chief executive of Jihui Group, said luxury is a luxury. As long as the economy is good, it is hard for the buyers to fall. However, the buyers use it for self-occupation rather than speculation. Therefore, the overall property prices will not be affected.

In addition to the hilltops, a number of top-broken transactions have also emerged in all districts in the territory. Wing Tai Real Estate (00369) Causeway Bay Chin Wah also sold the top floor of 35B, Room B, the transaction price of more than 36,602,200 yuan, the price of 48,158 yuan per square foot, a record high.

Victoria Peak foot price knock 66000

Emperor International (00163), Victoria Peak, Sai Ying Pun sold Unit A and 45F, Room A with a usable area of ​​2,014 sq ft, with 896 sq ft of platform and 773 sq ft of rooftop, with a transaction price of more than $ 132 million and a practical price of $ 65,938 per sq ft The highest price of a new project, it is learned that buyers pay 30% of property prices spicy, involving an amount of nearly 40 million yuan.

Even the New Territories has record high prices. New World Development (00017), its owner, The Parkville, sold out a four-bedroom, room A, 27th floor apartment with a transaction price of $ 12.475 million. It sold for a record high of 14,798 yuan per square foot. Evergreen Group (01113)’s love of Tsuen Wan Sea? Ai Hyun Mei was yesterday hand-picked 3 blocks and 4 bedrooms mansion, the transaction price of 7,2018,000 yuan, the highest record of record-breaking projects record prices, the practical price of 20,659 yuan foot.