MT NICHOLSON SALE 130,000 Asia House King Leung Chi Kin buyers bidding is determined to win

After the Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, delivered his policy address last month, Hong Kong’s property prices hit a new peak again. Hong Kong and even the throne of King of Asia even changed hands twice in just two months. Wharf (0004) and Nanfeng development hilltop super mansion MOUNTNICHOLSON, two utility area of ​​a total of 8,821 square feet of stratified households, the latest sold for 1.165 billion yuan, up to 132,000 yuan real feet, two months ago to throw away the constant To (0012) The top floor multi-storey shop in the Mid-Levels West was over 25% of its original highest selling price of $ 105,000 per sq ft. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

Wheelock (0020), responsible for sales of real estate, announced that the above MOUNT NICHOLSON Phase 3, 12 / F, C and D rooms were acquired by the same group of purchasers but whether spilled taxes are required for purchasers of this purchase or privately owned Nominal purchase and other issues, all without response, only said that the units sold this time are model units, but did not come with parking spaces. According to transaction records information, buyers can be three parking spaces to subscribe for the right.

Is a model unit did not send the parking spaces

According to the transaction record book, the salable area of ​​4242 square feet C room, price of 562 million yuan, the price of 132,000 yuan; salable area of ​​4579 square feet D room, the transaction price of 604.7 million yuan, with real feet more than 132,000 yuan, Qi Create Asia’s highest strata-level units.

Information shows that the last King Records was created on the 46th floor (also known as the 88th floor), Room B, a 4,971-square-foot building with a usable area of ​​about $ 521.9 million in September with a total of 3 car parking spaces. Real feet 105,000 yuan.

In other words, the sale price per MOUNT NICHOLSON is 25% above the old record. In contrast to the sale in October last year, seat and the current units sold MOUNTNICHOLSON two 12th floor, A, B real size of about 85,000 yuan, the sale of the foot price, more expensive than a year ago 55 %.

Than two units of the same type sold more than 50%

Property prices on its properties hit a new high, Wheelock said Vice Chairman Liang Zhijian, the group did not deliberately increase fares, but the buyer “can not afford to buy, so the bid is determined to win." He continued to refer to the inconvenience of disclosing the identity of the buyer. However, he said he had bid for the second phase before bidding. Unfortunately, he failed to acquire the unit. As for the market outlook, Leung Chi-kin said: “No luxury will fall to the edge," and the future rise of fine-priced buildings will be “ridiculous."

Also known as Kensigton Hill, West Central, individual units fare increases up nearly 10%, of which practical 2277 square feet of 35,36 rooms, Room A characteristics of households, the latest pricing of 121.55 million yuan, about 110 million yuan price increase of about 10%, the latest Real foot 53382 yuan.

Victoria Harbor peak characteristic price of 66,000 expensive West District

In fact, a number of luxury new disc record high sale. Unit A duplex duplex with 45,46 storeys of Western Harbor Ring (0163), with a salable area of ​​2014 sq.ft., with 896 sq.ft. of platform and 773 sq.ft. of rooftop, with transaction price as high as $ 132.8 million and actual price of $ 65,938, In addition to the record for the highest price since the sale of the disk, I believe it is also a new high price for the West Loop tiered property.

Victoria Harbor peak a total of 125 units, has been sold 124 units (stratification has been cleared bag), cash of 4.6 billion. As for the West Wing, the most expensive hand-held residential property for the British Emperor Victoria one 42 floor, 2600 square feet of usable area of ​​special households hit, the transaction price of 135 million yuan, the real foot 51,900 yuan

According to market sources, KADOORIA, a Ho Man Tin owned by CITIC Pacific, earlier offered 3 units of 2219 to 2400 square feet of usable floor area (of which 2 are specially decorated and even renovated; 3 are total 6894 square feet) Buyers bought about 390 million yuan, which is about 56,500 yuan. The developer said that there is no guide price for the tendering exercise, but the three partner units must also enter the tender.