Pet shop diversified demand for more big shop

One of the ways Hong Kong people are increasingly raising their standards of living is to keep pets. As a result, the development of pet shops and related industries is encouraged. This has led to the continuous emergence of new operating modes in the industry. Smooth to good.

Industry insiders pointed out that as more and more people are investing in pets, the services provided by pet shops have diversified and the demand for large-scale shops has been gradually increasing. For example, the ground floor of Shop 2, Ground Floor, 7 Kwun Chung Street, Jordan, The gross floor area is approximately 2,095 square feet. The gross floor area is approximately 1,797 square feet on the first floor and approximately 896 square feet on the second floor. The total floor area is approximately 2,128 square feet with a total area of ​​6,916 square feet. Recently, the pet hotel leased for $ 230,000, yuan.

Kowloon Kwun Chung Street, 6916 sf monthly rent 230,000

APB’s business director Gao Jianye pointed out that in recent years, the pet population of Hong Kong people has been on the increase. Some cats and dogs have become more and more worthy of ascension. Many owners are more willing to spend money on dressing up their pets, causing the related products such as Pet shirts and headdresses. Some pet spa and grooming services are also very popular, creating the ideal business opportunities for the related industries and enhancing the renter ability of these businesses.

In addition, Shop D, Shop D, Ground Floor, Sun Lin Court, 6-8 Liberty Road, Mong Kok, was also rented at Pet Line, a Pet Shop with multiple outlets, for a gain of $ 55,000 in recent months. The property area was about 800 square feet, with a takeout of 50,700 yuan Rent, that is, about 8% increase in new rent.

As for renewal cases, Shop 75, G / F, Fu Shin Garden, No. 9 Siu Sai Wan Road, Chai Wan, which is rented by a pet grooming house, covers an area of ​​about 450 square feet and has been renewed for a fee of $ 37,400 in recent months. The latest rent per square foot is about $ 83, The existing rent of $ 34,000 will be 10% higher. Another Pet Beauty Center rented Shop 53, North Street, To Kwa Wan, which covers an area of ​​800 square feet. It has also recently renewed its lease price of $ 75,000, or $ 94 per sq ft.