Scholar: Toma City, tomorrow, land sales cost

“Tomorrow’s Daylight" has received social hotspots. The Chinese university’s Song Enrong said that the government is not low on the estimated commercial land for housing in the next 30 years. It believes that reclamation can meet future land demand and it is expected that private land will be available in the future. It has a land sales income of about 760 billion yuan.

Song Enrong attended the radio station yesterday and said that it is conservatively estimated that the planned private buildings and commercial land in the future will bring in 400 billion yuan and 360 billion yuan in land sales revenue respectively, which can offset the cost. In terms of land resumption policy and practical feasibility, reclamation is more reasonable.

The Director of the URA, Mr. Wei Zhicheng, mentioned at another event that it is 200% support for “Lantau Island tomorrow". He thinks that it is necessary to broaden his horizons and proposes to focus on the western land planning to undertake the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Legislative Council Member Tian Beichen pointed out that the artificial island can build 180,000 public and 80,000 private flats, which can shorten the waiting time for public housing. In addition, with reference to data such as high-speed rail and Tung Chung reclamation, the total cost of artificial islands is about 460 billion yuan, and the proceeds from land sales are about 880 billion yuan, which can bring the government revenue.