Kwai Chung Commercial Building K83 full-scale sale Yang Fenbin called over 100 million to earn 22%

Yang Fenbin, a senior investor who frequently entered the market this year and chairman of Jinhua Industrial, spent more than 86 million yuan this year to purchase the full floor of the 15th floor of K83, Kwai Chung Commercial Building, and now it is now confirmed as a confirmer. The asking price has increased by about 22% to 105 million yuan.

Zhao Shimin, director of Midland Commercial Sales, said that the owner had commissioned the sale of the 15th floor of K83, No. 83, Dalian Pai Road, Kwai Chung. The full-floor construction area was 6,674 square feet. The intended selling price was about 1.054492 billion yuan, and the price was about 15,800 yuan. Since there are 6 units in the whole floor, it can also be sold separately. The price of the smallest area unit is 931 square meters, and the intention price is about 15.8 million yuan. The selling price is about 14.790 million yuan.

According to the Land Registry, the above-mentioned full-floor units were purchased by Yang Fenbin through six different companies in June this year. The transaction price was from 1205.645 million to about 178.0105 million yuan, with a total value of 86.428 million yuan and an average price of 12,900 yuan.

It is understood that K83 will be completed in 2019. At present, Yang Fenbin sells it in the form of goods. The intention price is 190.209 million yuan (22%) higher than the purchase price.

Yang Fenbin entered the market in a big way this year. Apart from sweeping into the Minsheng District, he also purchased properties such as the Tuen Mun luxury residential estates and the commercial buildings. It is estimated that nearly 2 billion yuan will be used to enter the market.