The new disk is quiet, only 35 deals in two days.

The property market is in a cold wind, and the first-hand transaction continues to be sluggish. Comprehensive market information has only recorded about 35 transactions in the new market in the past two days. Longwan also sold only 6 groups on two days, and the sales were slow. In addition, Ma On Shan Yu Bi received about 200 votes.

Maanshan Yubi temporarily received about 200 votes

The sales atmosphere in the primary market continued to be deserted. According to the market, only about 35 transactions were recorded in the first-hand market on the two-day market, which is similar to the 40 cases on the previous weekend. In the past two days, there have been new projects to be launched, China Metallurgical (01618), Liwan, Xiyi. Longwan sold 50 gangs on Saturday. The actual price was 3.688 million yuan. In the end, only 6 gangs were sold, including the most flat entry fee. No major buyers appeared. Same as the Japanese yen. Ling sold 102 gangs on a first-come, first-served basis and also sold 6 gangs.

As for Lixin (00488) and the Empire Group, the development of the Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao, recently reduced the price of 5 to 14%, launched 12 groups on Saturday, successfully sold 6 groups, reflecting that the price reduction has a slight boost to sales.

Other new orders, including Yau Tong Hoi Wan, Tuen Mun Chung Hoi, Tseung Kwan O MONTEREY, etc., were sold at Ho Oi Wan, including Block H, 17/F, Block 1A, with an area of ​​262 baht and a transaction price of $5.215 million.

Tsuen Wan Yi Yi 8 units price reduction

In addition, Lixin’s subsidiary, Liwan Yiyi, will reduce the price of some units. The developer has just updated the price list No. 1C and adjusted the low price of 8 units. All of them are fine units, and the price reduction is 10%. For example, Room A has an area of ​​386 square feet. The original price was 97.85 million yuan. The latest price reduction was 8.806 million yuan. The unit price was reduced from 25,350 yuan to 22,813 yuan. The new price will take effect on Thursday.

Hua Wei is scheduled to launch in the short term

Although the first-hand transaction is not very prosperous, the new market of No. 18, Bei Bi Sha Road, Clear Water Bay Peninsula, Huaying, is still planning to launch the market in a short period of time. The project has been uploaded to the first-hand residential property sales network. According to the information on the building, The project provides a total of 10 bungalows with a saleable area ranging from 3,265 to 3,987 square feet and a garden area ranging from 417 to 1,749 square feet. It is expected to be launched in the form of a temporary building.