If the price drops by 5%, the mortgage will increase by 100%.

Property prices have fallen, and the unit price of the vehicle is expected to return to the 90% mortgage price range, which is 4 million yuan or less. According to the number of second-hand online listings, the newspaper assumes that the property price will fall by 5%, which will create 90% of the mortgage units, increasing by more than 100.

4 million yuan in the market, there are 482

According to the information on the second-hand listing of Zhongyuan Real Estate, there are about 19,600 listings in Hong Kong, with a asking price of 4 million yuan or less, and about 482 (including unpaid land premium units). Assume that property prices will still have a 5% downside in the short term, which means that the current asking price will range from 4.01 million to 4.2 million yuan, which will fall back to 3.81 million to 3.99 million yuan and can be used to build a 90% mortgage.

According to the information, there are about 136 disc sources ranging from 4.01 million to 4.2 million yuan. Together with the current 482 disc sources, the market price of 4 million yuan or less can be increased to 618, an increase of about 30%. .

The most opportunity to fall back to the market of 4 million yuan or less, concentrated in the New Territories West District, accounting for about 80, there is no shortage of housing-style projects to choose from, such as the Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1, 3 low-rise households, an area of ​​369 square feet, now The asking price is 4.1 million yuan. If the property price falls by 5%, it will fall back to 3.895 million yuan.

Can push buyers into the market to find support

How important is the 90% mortgage on the train? The difference in the initial expenditure can be analyzed first. For the property price of 4.1 million yuan, the mortgage ceiling is 3.6 million yuan, that is, the buyer borrows about 88%, the first phase is 500,000 yuan. The property price fell back to 3.895 million yuan, 10% of the first period, that is, about 390,000 yuan, the first period of expenditure alone, has been less than 110,000 yuan, the rate of 20%. Therefore, the property price will fall back below 4 million yuan, which will push buyers into the market. At that time, the property price may gradually seek support.