Low floor of the Gloucester Tower 150

Rents in Grade A commercial buildings in Central District continued to rise. According to market sources, about 5,551 square feet of floor space on the lower level of the St. John’s Building in Central, rented out at a monthly rent of about $833,000, and rented 150 yuan.

Secondly, Room 1, 2, Lower Level, Central York Building, Queen’s Road, Central, covers an area of about 3,835 square feet. It is leased out at a monthly rent of about $614,000. The lease is about $160. In addition, the Bank of America Center’s high-rise room 06, with an area of about 3,698 square feet, was rented out with a monthly rent of about 425,000 yuan, and rented 115 yuan. It is reported that the relevant floor rented to the two companies at a price of 75 yuan per annum in the early years, and the rent for renters has risen by 53%.