Baling Dayton near the landlord attack two rooms

New supply of residential homes in the Mid-levels of Hong Kong Island has always been scarce. Coupled with the prestige school district and the neighboring Hong Kong University, it has always been sought after by buyers. Although the total number of units in Singalong (0016) and New World (0017) Balington Hill in the Mid-Levels West is only 79, the flowering period of the project is only about 2 months. In addition, the Standard Unit provides 2 bedrooms with relatively low barriers to entry , For family customers, investors are attractive.

Ming Pao reporter Xie Ying Yi photography Liu Tao Tao

Balington Hill on sale at the end of the month, put about 15 sales. The site of the project is LOHUI Villa. After the completion of the acquisition, the developer was rebuilt in 2011. The project is designed with glass curtain wall, the biggest advantage is to increase the unit daylighting degree, but also help households to watch the scenery outside the window.

Hong Kong University near the network of prestigious advantages

Balington Hill main 2 houses, a total of 60 units, accounting for 76% of the total number of units, the practical area of ​​493 to 742 square feet, of which only the practical area of ​​614 to 621 square feet of 2 sets of 2 units do not use an open kitchen, the rest 2 bedrooms are all open kitchen.

As for the 3,4-bedroom units, the salable area is 791 to 1059 square feet. There are 6 separate bedrooms with terrace, with a usable area of ​​581-1043 square feet, as well as 3 top-level rooftop terraces. The salable area ranges from 1512 to 1888 Square feet. It can be noted that the project on the 17th floor to provide three or more large units.

Sunbeam opened earlier standard units to hand over to Room A, 8th Floor, modeled on a salable area of ​​742 square feet, is a 2-room 2 sets of storage room interval. Fu door into the entrance for the position, both sides have reserved space for shoes, on the right of the galley kitchen; open kitchen area of ​​about 52 square feet, adopt U-shaped layout, reserved for the appropriate space. With the addition of glass sliding doors in the kitchen, tenants can turn their traditional “terra-cheddar" when needed.

Open kitchen glass sliding door

The lobby has a rectangular design with an area of ​​nearly 180 square feet. It is square and functional with easy-to-use furniture and an external 22-square-foot terrace with convection windows. Sleeping rooms, bathrooms and storage rooms are located on either side of the hall.

The master bedroom, about 85 square feet, has plenty of space for a double bed and an additional 16 square foot work platform to help increase daylighting. Master bathroom with shower and bathtub, mirror cabinet and a lot of storage space, and with ventilation windows. The other bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a sliding door, and the bathroom can be flexibly changed to complete toilets or toilets, but the bathroom does not have a window. Beside the bedroom for the owner is a storage room, covering an area of ​​more than 50 square feet, residents can be transformed into a study, etc., a wide range of uses.

The Badington Hillrise flowering period is only about 2 months and is expected to be completed in April this year. The actual area for the 500 square feet 2 households will be 1,600 million. It is also worth noting that the project provides 19 parking spaces, that is, on average, one parking space is available for every 5 persons. Another book shows that there is no gas in room D of Rooms 1 to 16.