Retail market vigorous follow the trend of speculation gambling stocks

This column first meets with all of you during the dogfight of the Hundred Days of August 18 in which I hereby wish you all the best in this new year to “be prosperous and prosperous, be rich and be free from generation to generation." Looking back over the whole year of chicken, Hong Kong stocks soared 7754 points to close at 31115. On the rise of up to 33.2%, the best performance since the Year of the Ox 2009 years of the Lunar New Year. Although the H-Share Index also rose 2,731 points or 27.9%, it may be related to the fact that the most powerful state-owned enterprises have all done so. As a result, the H-Share Index underperformed the HSI.

Recalling the performance of Hong Kong stocks in the first opening day after the Chinese New Year in the past 10 years, only five years of opening days recorded gains. That is, the chances of the Hang Seng Index to open a red plate in the early spring are only five or five waves. At the moment of the opening of the Year of the Dog, indeed, the Red Trader is hanging up. However, it may have repeatedly reversed its market conditions in the absence and absence of North Water. Coupled with the disappointment of HSBC Holdings (0005) after it announced its results, the HSI eventually closed down 241 Point, the spirit of the first trading day of the beast did not ring, the turnover also will shrink; the next few trading days the market also appears to be lack of direction, forming the pattern of sunset, the transaction continued to shrink, it is clear that the Spring Festival holiday north water However, with the restart of the Hong Kong Stock Connect after the Mainland Spring Festival holiday, Pak Shui is expected to become more active again. I believe the Hong Kong stock market will start to show a real clearer direction.

March is expected to enter many factors will also affect the market up and down, the first is the performance of the listing period has been in full swing, following the HSBC, HKEx (0388) announced results one after another, other heavyweight blue-chip will soon fish Out of the table, most companies this year will be more than good news reported good news. In addition, the two sessions of Beijing and Beijing will be held in early March. It is also a matter of much expectation that there will be a favorable economic measure for the future market outlook. The economic data released by the Chinese authorities before and after the two sessions have also drawn the great attention of the author.

Behind the trend of the water coming back after the trend became clearer

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has just announced that the number of visitors to the Chinese New Year holiday has soared to 10%. As more than 1.06 million trips have taken place in the Mainland alone, I also find it hard to find crowds of tourists in various tourist areas in Hong Kong. It is precisely for this reason that I believe the adjacent Macao will certainly benefit as well. I think that the main source of income for Macao is gambling, and the tourism industry is booming. The gambling industry will also eventually benefit. I think gambling stocks have been neglected in their basic factors last year. Therefore, investors may wish to revolt gambling stocks in the absence of any direction in the market.

In addition, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the same rights to the industry for the same share, the market is generally believed that the voice of the adoption is very high, more is expected to formally accept the application in April, I believe that if the program eventually passed, the HKEx certainly benefit directly, Therefore, investors may wish to pay more attention to the trend of HKEx, I believe it can become one of the driving forces behind the rise.