The government sold hundreds of billions of Hong Kong-owned Hong Kong-owned assets in a row for two consecutive years to “rebel" to win over a number of commercial and residential properties

The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, announced the new fiscal budget on Wednesday. The community expects that the Treasury will be “flooded" and the real estate market continues to be hot. The Hong Kong Government has very lucrative land sales. Concluding Remarks During the financial year, the Government sold 16 government buildings (residential, commercial, hotel and industrial buildings, etc.) through tenders involving more than $ 106.4 billion, breaking the $ 100 billion mark after earning $ 108.8 billion in 2016-17 Yuan mark. It should be noted that due to the anti-capitalization policy in the Mainland, there seems to be no longer a thriving Chinese capital. Hong Kong capitalists aggressively launched a “counter-offensive" this year, winning a total of over 10 billion residential or commercial kings in the urban areas. Ming Pao reporter Gan Jieying

Since November 2016, when the Chinese-funded enterprises opened their doors to grab a price as expensive as possible, the Chinese-funded consortia took a very aggressive stance and won the limelight for winning several urban residential developments. As a result, Hong Kong-owned developers It was harder to bid for large-scale residential land.

Two commercial king are more than 20 billion

However, the situation has been reversed with the implementation of the anti-government outflow policy by the Mainland. In the past, the Chinese capital grabbed by high prices was less active than before. Hong Kong capitalists backed off aggressively. Many large urban land plots were recaptured during the fiscal year, including four billions of king. In terms of transaction prices up to two official sites are commercial Liangliang, Nan Fung last May to break through the years Guanting prices to more than 24.6 billion won investment in Kowloon Kai Tak Area 1F 2 commercial, Dayton into the market hot words, each square foot floor premium see 12,863 yuan, a record high in Kowloon commercial land.

As for the “Uncle" Lee Shau Kee Leung (0012), in May last year, successfully won the core area of ​​Central Meritus Commercial King, the winning price of 23.28 billion yuan, floor price per square foot more than 50,000 yuan, a record Historically land prices per square foot floor. Constantly emphasizes that the project plans to build the project into a brand new landmark Grade A commercial complex comparable to Phase 2 of the IFC.

Residential land, which has long been described as a “good friend of the property market" (0083), appears to be prone to attack in the form of a syndicate recently. For example, in November last year, together with Shimao Property (0813), Wheelock (0020) Ka Wah (0173) and Java (0251) won the record high of land sales for residential properties in the territory of Hing Wah Street, Hing Wah Street, Cheung Sha Wan with a market value of over $ 17.28 billion. It is estimated to be built into a landmark building at West Kowloon Linhai Court.

“The property market big friend" HiGroup consortium hit another urban area more than 10 billion residential king, is Wharf (0004) to 12.451 billion yuan, won the Kowloon Tong Lung Shing Road and Lion Rock Tunnel Road junction Per sq ft floor price of HK $ 28,500 compared with Kerry (0683) floor area of ​​Lung Cheung Road in the same district of about $ 7.26 billion in 2016 floor price of $ 21,200 Record), up 34%.