This month the sale of registered trade data 7250 or hit a 3-month high

Xiao Yangchun in the property market appeared earlier than the Spring Festival. The Central Plains Report pointed out that in February as of the 21st of February, the overall registration of property sales (including residential, parking spaces and industrial and commercial shops) recorded a record 5227, involving 43.63 billion yuan (reflecting the market in January) . It is estimated that 7250 cases were registered in the whole month, involving 60 billion yuan, a slight increase from 7223 cases in January. However, the figure was 12% down from 68.48 billion yuan in January. As the February holiday coincided with the Spring Festival holiday, the number of cases still stabilized at 7,000 Level, is expected to hit a 3-month high since record 7601 in November last year.

Sea of ​​clouds trading for the new disk crown

Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central Plains Research Department, said in February there were 794 new disk registrations involving 11.86 billion yuan in the first half of the month. The forecast of 1,000 filings in the whole month was 14 billion yuan, up 22.9% from 814 in January and 14.99 billion yuan respectively. , And fell 6.6%. In February, the highest newly registered disk was Xindi (0016) Ma On Shan sea of ​​clouds, with a tentative record of 227 involving 2.91 billion yuan.

Prediction of second-hand residential registration 3800 cases

For second-hand private housing, 2,771 cases were tentatively recorded in February, with a total value of 21.8 billion yuan. It is estimated that 3800 cases involving 30 billion yuan will be registered in the whole month, down by 8% and 10% respectively from 4,144 cases and 33.42 billion yuan in January. Although the number of working days in February decreased, the number of residential properties stabilized for 3 consecutive months at 3,800 and 3 0 billion respectively, indicating the booming secondary property market.