Tin Hau Temple Road, North Point, 14.77 million low-rise old buildings

Property prices spiked to motivate long-established owners to make exit. An old flats unit at 46 Tin Hau Temple Road in North Point just returned to HK $ 14.37 million.

Causeway Bay Le Sound high-level for sale at 19631

Information shows that an old building of over 60 years old aged 42 to 46 at Tin Hau Temple Road in North Point belongs to the old mansion in the area. Among them, 46 is a low-rise flat with a salable area of ​​about 1,029 square feet. The original owner purchased it earlier than 1955, In the same year, the purchase price was about 600,000 yuan. The owner recently put the plate at 14.5 million yuan. After bargaining, the company changed hands with 14.37 million yuan and the profit of holding goods for 63 years was 13.77 million yuan, an increase of about 23 times over the period.

Secondly, Room 7, Block A, Lok Sing Building, Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, with a usable area of ​​489 square feet, was replaced by $ 9.6 million at a price of $ 19,631.

Information shows that the original owner bought about $ 300,000 in 1977 for the above units, holding goods for 41 years and carrying an appreciation of 31 times.

In addition, according to market sources, No. 48, Jialin Bldg, Kowloon City, belongs to an old building over 60 years old. One of the middle-level units, which have a usable floor area of ​​about 908 square feet, has just handed off about $ 11 million to create a historic new highs.

According to statistics, the original owner acquired units of about 215,000 yuan (internally transferred in 1998 and 2000) as early as 1977, and the carrying value of goods held for 41 years increased about 50 times.

On the other hand, Midland Realty Branch Sales Manager Lam Chi-kin said that there are 11 high-rise C-rooms in the Tseung Kwan O Center with a usable area of ​​406 square feet and just changed hands with $ 6.8 million. The original owner of the unit for buyers, in 2002 to 1.833 million yuan purchase, holding 15.5 profit 495.7 million during the period, nearly 2.7 times the appreciation.