The next year, sales of materials, 19,000 6 into the urban area

Immediately after the announcement of the Budget, the Government will announce the land sales plan for the coming year. It is estimated that there will be 19,000 private residential sites available for sale. It is expected to continue to be dominated by urban land plots, with the exception of Kai Tak Holdings In addition, the Anderson Road mine in Kwun Tong will continue to be launched.

Over the past year, benefiting from the soaring private premium, the government reduced its sales of government land. The 11 sites sold and sold involved 5,800 units, a substantial decrease of 60% year-on-year. However, together with the private premium and redevelopment projects, The overall supply still reached a new high of 24300.

Rolling out of land for 16 involved 11,500 people

As a result of the reduction in government land use during the year, there are still as many as 16 private residential sites in the land for sale (net of private and public sector co-developed Anderson Road in Kwun Tong) which can be rolled over to the next year’s land sale plan involving about 11,500 people.

Therefore, the market expects that the government of the new year will join about 10 sites from the Kai Tak, Anderson Road, Kwun Tong and the sites rezoned in recent years. With a total of 26 sites, the market will provide more than 19,000 applicants, A few years are similar, of which urban land accounted for 16 pieces of leather, accounting for more than 60% of the overall.

In recent years, Kai Tak District, which is in full swing, will have eight runway areas rolled over to land for sale next year and is estimated to join a commercial and residential site on Area 1E 1, adjacent to Kai Ching Estate. The site covers an area of ​​182,000 square feet and has a plot ratio of about 8.3 times. It can build up to 1.518 million square feet of floor space and is one of the largest residential sites in the region. Although the landscape is slightly less than the surrounding land, but a rough estimate, the market value of the land is still up to 18.22 billion to 212.5 billion yuan per square foot floor premium of 12,000 to 14,000 yuan, is expected to challenge the residential throne.

Even an iron one overall for more than 30,000 households

Another focus is on the Anderson Road quarry. It is estimated that the government will continue to push the development of the entire site. Two of the residential sites in the southern and northern part of the mine are hot spots.

With a total area of ​​about 1,770 square feet and an area of ​​about 180,000 square feet behind Anderson Estate, an estimated market value of about 1,770 square feet will be provided by the two materials for use. The estimated market value is about 726,000 square feet. Seaview, expected to value 8.71 billion yuan, will provide 1,040 units.

As for the New Territories, it is estimated that land will be added to south of Tuen Mun Town Lot No. 423 and Ma Wo Road to Tai Po. Private residential land in Queen’s Hill Fanling will also have the opportunity to be phased in.

Apart from the government’s land for land sales plans, about 6,000 additional projects are expected to be launched in next year’s “One City Railway One Authority”. Together with private development projects, the total land supply will exceed 30,000.