MALIBU fourth day 1070 gang 9.16 billion

Wheelock Property Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, Lohas Park, MALIBU sold 160 out of the group’s fourth round of cash yesterday. More than 1.37 billion yuan was cashed out. The project sold only 1,070 gangs on the four sales days, with a cash dividend of 9.16 billion yuan. In the first quarter of the year, the first batch of double-sales kings, the total number of people sold was the highest in the three years since the same blue sky in 2015.

MALIBU sold the first round of finale 160 teams in the fourth round last night. A group of picking houses can buy up to two gangs. The prospective customers arrive at dusk and the atmosphere remains lively. The section of the project was strongly paved. Last night did not stay, and the 1,070 gangs that had been launched only cleared bags in four sales days, cashed in at RMB 9.16 billion, and brought the group to absorb RMB 12 billion, which broke the group’s history. Apart from the quarterly record, the amount of suction and sales will be the same in the first quarter.

The hot sale of MALIBU led to a new record high in the prices of housing estates in the district. Wu Jinji, deputy district sales manager of Central Plains Branch, said that the rising city of Cannes, a high-rise right wing B room, three rooms and even suites interval, looking southeast to the sea, practical 805 square miles, just to 10.88 million yuan changed hands, practical price 13516 yuan to create a house Court new high. The original owner purchased RMB 5.78 million in 2010, and earned RMB 5.1 million in eight years, up about 88%.

Too many people in the MALIBU fight, some failed to turn to second-hand buyers. Hong Kong Estate Assistant Divisional Director Liu Haoqin said that in the 7 low-rise E-room of the Lohas Tower in Cannes, the saleable area was 695 square feet, and the layout of the three-roomed apartment was purchased from the new plate to the customer for $8.1 million. The actual price was 11,655 yuan. The original owner bought in 2012 for 4.778 million yuan and earned 3.32 million yuan in the book.

In terms of other new developments, Jiujian (00034) 63 Pokfulam of Sai Ying District saw another six groups yesterday, involving 176 people over 1.53 billion yuan.

Saixi Lake High-rise Estate Court Double Topped

In addition, as property prices have risen sharply, many second-hand luxury properties bought earlier have madly earned. Liang Zhiwei, Manager of Lijiage Branch, pointed out that Room 101 in the middle tenth floor of Taiyang Yangming Resort was practically 2308 square feet, with four rooms and two halls separated by double suites and workers’ suites, with 68 million yuan changed hands and the actual amount was 29,463 yuan. The original owner was in October 2004. About 20.5 million yuan was bought. In 14 years, the book earned about 47.5 million yuan, an increase of about 2.3 times.

Second-hand luxury homes are also broken. Chen Jiahong, deputy regional director of Central Plains, said that the high-rise Room A of the 4th floor of Saixihu Building at Mid-levels in North Point was practically used for 1297 sq ft. It had just been sold for 41.80 million yuan, and the actual price was RMB 32,228. Both the selling price and the selling price broke the historical high of the housing estate. The original owner had bought it for 10.4 million yuan in 1997, earning 31.4 million yuan in 21 years, making a profit of more than three times.