Wan Jingfeng’s parking space changed hands with three goals

Property prices have risen steadily, and the parking spaces have also risen and exaggerated. The long-term parking space in the Liwan District has been frequently torn, and Wan Jingfeng, a single parking space, has just changed the history of the three-ball in the same area. For the first time in the western parking spaces of Tsuen Wan and the New Territories, see the “three-character head”, the West New Territories parking space. Wang, which was adjacent to Bayao Bay, which had a record high of 2.8 million, was over 7% higher.

The senior sales manager of the United States Zhong Baihao pointed out that a single parking space on the L3 floor of Wanjingfeng had just changed hands with three hands to create a new high in the Liwan District. The owner bought in the first-hand price of RMB 990,000 in 2011, earning two goals on the book and twice the appreciation.

According to relevant information, the parking space at Wanjingfeng reached a record high of 2.78 million yuan in November last year, and the bayonet sold a maximum of 2.80 million yuan in December last year. Just three months later, Wan Jingfeng regained three more goals and reclaimed King Wu’s parking space. It was also the first parking spot in the West New Territories that exploded at 3 million yuan, breaking the record high in the district.

The parking lot of Regal Garden in Sha Tin last year was particularly speculative. There were more than 70 short-term parking spaces with less than one year’s worth of goods, and the atmosphere was full. According to the Land Registry’s information, a single parking space on the B2 floor was purchased by the owner in December, which amounted to RMB 750,000. Last month, it changed hands by RMB 888,000 and made a profit of RMB 138,000, making a profit of over 18%; another double parking lot on the same floor In November last year, the owner purchased 700,000 yuan and held goods at the end of last month for 806,000 yuan. It only booked for 10 months and earned 106,000 yuan, making a 15% profit.

The long-term supply of parking spaces is tight. According to the statistics of the United States, the number of registered parking spaces in the first two months was 1666, a slight increase of approximately 0.5% from 1657 in the same period of last year, which was the highest in the same period in the past three years. Liu Jiahui, Principal Analyst of Midland Property, pointed out that it is worth noting that the proportion of cases with more than RMB 2 million went up further and recorded 397 cases in the first two months of this year, which accounted for approximately 23.8% of the total pure car parking space in the same period, which was an increase of 21.2% over the previous year.

Another market news, Yijing Laizi (00497) and Noah (00083), No. 38, Wai Yip Street, New Kowloon Bay Commercial Building, had previously launched the demolition and sale of the top three floors of the city and was one of the major retail companies in the UK. B&M Europe Retail sales are set aside at a price of about RMB 14,000, with a total cost of about RMB 12,000 for each floor and a total investment of about RMB 500 million. The parent company is a B&M European retail company listed in London, once rumors that it had purchased a floor of Fuyang Industrial Building in the same district a month ago.