Beijing property prices return to previous years

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the most severe “317 Market Regulation Policy” in Beijing’s history. According to a report from the Chain Home Research Institute, last year’s “317 adjustments” ended Beijing’s property price rise for 17 consecutive months, followed by 9 consecutive property prices. Monthly decline, the cumulative decline of 15%. The average second-hand property price in Beijing in March this year was RMB 58,527 per square meter, close to the level in December 2016. Beijing’s current second-hand property prices seem to have shown signs of stabilizing. Paul Jacobs, the son and former CEO of the chipmaker Qualcomm Founder, sought to acquire the company. After being informed, the board of directors of Qualcomm announced that he would not re-nominate him at this week’s general meeting. Jacobs was disappointed with the decision and said that privatization will help improve the long-term performance of the company. Qualcomm said that if Jacobs really made an acquisition, it would make deliberation in the interests of shareholders.