After the announcement of the Budget, the new market continued to be hot. After the first three rounds of sale, the Wheelock Real Estate Tseung Kwan O could be cleared. The fourth round of sales continued to be reported yesterday, and all 160 groups were cleared on the same day. . The project has sold 1,070 short-term sales within a short period of time, and developers have cashed in nearly 9.16 billion yuan.

MALIBU sold 160 people yesterday. The sales office was full of people and the atmosphere was lively.

MALIBU sold a new batch of 160 people yesterday, which was the No. 5 price list, which was concentrated in Blocks 2 and 3. After deducting the maximum discount, the discounted selling price was 5.915 million to 13.6484 million yuan, which was the average discounted price of 15,827 yuan.

The registration registration time for the plate commenced at 5 pm yesterday. Prospective buyers arrived one after another at the sales office downstairs elevator lobby and there was a queue waiting for registration. After the buyer has registered, the building will be sorted according to the order of drawing, and at least one or a maximum of two units will be selected. There will be an influx of people in the sales office.

The second phase of research and promotion

Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Land, pointed out that the new round of sales response of MALIBU was satisfactory. The first two and a half hours had seen more than 80 gangs. The number of project sales was the best record for the Group. There were buyers who had purchased 25 million yuan for the two groups.

He added that if there is a positive response from the market, the Group will study and discuss with the partners this month the second phase of the project. The developers pointed out that the total number of 160 units sold out yesterday was more than 1.37 billion yuan. The first four rounds of the project involved 1,070 people and cash was nearly 9.16 billion yuan.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential division of Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that the attendance rate of the bank’s buyers yesterday was about 70% to 80%, most of which was for the broker. Chen estimates that the March market is booming. If the MALIBU continues to increase the remaining units, as well as the other new arrivals, it is believed that there will be 2,500 transactions in this month, which is expected to be the highest record in the past six months.

Proudly with car parking lot 5.1 billion

Other new market conditions are also ideal. Yang Congyong, general manager of marketing and sales department of Kowloon Jianye (00034), stated that 63 Pokfulam in Sai Ying Pak had been traded for 14 consecutive days, and another 6 were yesterday. The project sold 176 people and cashed in over RMB 1.5 billion.

In addition, the sources pointed out that the New World Development (00017) Qingshui Bay’s low-density luxury homes proudly recorded the transaction last night, the unit is 15 rooms on the 2nd floor, Room E, with a saleable area of ​​968 square feet, priced at 167.735 million yuan, the price of 17,288 yuan.

It is learnt that at present, there are still 5 units of similar units to be sold for sale. They are distributed in 16 Block E and have already uploaded price lists. The discounted pricing ranged from 16.86 to 17.71 million yuan. The developers plan to sell them in the middle of this week. The project has so far sold 230 units and even cashed in more than RMB 5.1 billion.