Zhu Chenli aims to do rent rent queen

Zhu Chenli attended the Taiwan Property Sales Event yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wan Chai. She has a property in Hong Kong and owns the first floor of her life. After learning about the real estate information, she believes that there are investment opportunities in the locality. He is currently interested in overseas investment and will step up efforts to make money. Hopefully, In Hong Kong, it is best to have a flat to collect rent, which can reduce the burden. She said: “A lot of people want to have a few floors to collect rent, so that management has money to collect, and they have the opportunity to hope to be a renting queen."

In addition, Zhu Chenli has a performance of Yang Chien-ho’s upcoming new drama “Multi-Functional Wife". She said: “Zhong Zhong is close to the script and will meet in about May. He is eager to cooperate with Qianxuan. I sang a thousand generous messages, “I am a pity I am Aquarius." It sounds good but it is difficult to sing. It takes time to practice. When you see Drainage, you will be asked how to sing and sing.