In the center of Kwun Tong or re-embezzlement Wei Zhicheng’s renewed worry

The Kwun Tong Town Centre Redevelopment Project is the largest redevelopment project ever undertaken by the Urban Renewal Authority. The URA had earlier applied to the Town Planning Board to develop the 4th and 5th development areas separately so that independence can be achieved as early as possible. Complete District 4 development. Wei Zhicheng, executive director of the URA, published a blog today (18th) that the 5th Development Area has acquired 98% of the ownership rights, but there are about 100 unregistered industries in the underground of the buildings of Yumin Plaza Yuhua Building and Guotai Building. The right structures have created many problems for the city. He pointed out that this “non-ordinary" situation cannot be dealt with in accordance with the previous consistent policies. It is necessary to formulate a suitable relocation plan in the light of special circumstances.

According to preliminary estimates of the URA, about 30 of the 100 structures in the 5th ETDZ are on government land, 9 have fixed-vessel hawker licences issued by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and more than 60 are distributed. The public passages on the ground floor of Yu Wah Building and Cathay Building are mainly used for retail purposes and there are also residential uses.

Wei Zhicheng said that the present situation of the city’s construction has had discussions with the users of the structures when they attended a symposium in Kwun Tong last Monday (12th). Firstly, the URA had conducted a freeze population survey in this department for 11 years, and some of the information was outdated. However, the law did not authorize the URA to conduct a second freeze on the population survey for the same project. Therefore, it did not grasp the latest and most The occupancy of the actual structure and the user’s data are used to formulate the relocation plan.

The second is that due to the existence and long-term occupation of the structures, the problem of infringement of rights was derived. At present, there is still one case of adverse right infringement filed by an occupier of a structure in the 5th development zone, which is time-consuming. For many years but still no judgment, if we are to deal with numerous cases of adverse encroachment, it will be a long-term depletion work, and the reconstruction will become far-reaching. In addition, he pointed out that the structures at Yuhua Building and Cathay Building which appeared at the time of the construction were mostly built in the public access area. However, the terms of the land sale agreement and the attached site plan indicated that the location must be a public access and the passage should be maintained. It is open and it is necessary to deal with the issue of breach of title deeds.