Huang Weilun: No intention to push Hong Kong people again

The “Hong Kong People and Hong Kong Land” project, Kai Tak 1 (divided into two phases of Kai Tak No. 1 (I) and (II), hereinafter referred to as Phase 1 and Phase 2) is located in the East Kai Tak Development Area in Kowloon, providing a total of 1169 teams. As of the end of February this year, 721 consents to sell and 817 consents to subletting or permission to use have been approved. They have been challenged to violate the original intention of the policy. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, reiterated that the policy itself does not restrict buyers from reselling flats. However, it has revealed that the current government has no intention of introducing new “Hong Kong people Hong Kong" projects.

Unlimited policy resale

The special meeting of the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council yesterday held discussions on the scope of the Development Bureau. Many Members questioned the Government’s permission to allow Kai Tak 1 buyers to resell the flats and distort the original intent of the policy. Huang Weilun pointed out that the policy of “Hong Kong people and Hong Kong" was originally intended to allow Hong Kong people to give priority to purchases, and to restrict owners from reselling flats in the first 30 years. Buyers must be permanent residents in Hong Kong and must be approved by the Lands Department without restrictions. Small landlords cannot resell the flats; as for renting flats, there are also restrictions on the term.

Wong Wai-lun also pointed out that he had discussed with the Director of Transportation and Housing Bureau Chen Fan that during the term of office of the current government, he did not plan to introduce any land similar to “Hong Kong people and Hong Kong".