Dahonghui 8.1 billion purchase of Sheung Wan Hotel

The Hong Kong Island site has a market price. Open Source Holdings (1215) announced that the company has sold it to the “shop king” at Jinyi Seaview Boutique Hotel, 95 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, for RMB 810 million. Dahong Hui Industrial Chairman Liang Shaohong, if the total gross floor area is approximately 37,939 square meters, the price is approximately RMB 21,300. According to statistics, Open Source Holdings purchased the above-mentioned property for RMB 488 million in 2013. Currently, the company holds a profit of RMB 322 million or approximately 66% for approximately 5 years.

80% of the property rights of 80% of the property building in Sheung Wan Tang Building

In addition, about 83% of the 36th and 38th floors of Yilijin Street in Sheung Wan are now sold on the market with an intent price of RMB 320 million. The closing date is May 24. The project occupies an area of ​​approximately 2325 sq. ft. and is designated as a dwelling. For class use, Zhang Jingda, Executive Director of Zhongyuan Surveyor’s Bank, stated that from 36 to 38 Erie Street, it is now two 6-storey high-rise buildings. The two underground units of the property are used for non-domestic purposes. From the 1st to the 5th floors, a total of 10 residential units are provided. At present, 10 owners are involved, involving about 83% of the ownership, and the remaining ownership is held by only one group of owners.

Zhang Jingda also said that if it develops into commercial and residential properties, the project can reconstruct a total floor area of ​​approximately 19,721 square feet. If the intentional price is 320 million yuan, each party will have a floor price of approximately RMB 19,500; if it is rebuilt as a pure residential project, The buildable floor is 16,784 square feet, which is expected to be reconstructed into about 20 to 30 residential units.