Trade and Industry Shops Prospered More than 35 billion transactions in the first quarter

After Henderson (012) had sold about $10 billion at the beginning of the entire commercial building at No. 18 Jinghua Road, North Point, the market sentiment was booming. The turnover of commercial and industrial shops in the first quarter was over 35 billion yuan. The sophisticated investor, Lin Zifeng, yesterday purchased a site at 41 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, together with a 43-45 property at Chun Yee Street in the same district, which was purchased jointly at the beginning of the year, for a total consideration of $1.63 billion. Within two months, it bought over $2.58 billion for commercial property; The first floor of the Central Centre put up by Chen Bingzhi is also nearing the end of the negotiation. Reporter: Huang Langxi

Senior investor Lin Zifeng confirmed yesterday that he purchased a site at No. 41, Jingye Street, Kwun Tong, and planned to redevelop the office building with a site area of ​​approximately 22,000 square feet. With the land premium, more than 260,000 square feet of commercial buildings can be reconstructed. The land price is about 6,179 yuan. Lin Zifeng disclosed this year that he would spend 8 billion yuan to buy commercial and industrial properties, and be optimistic about the East Kowloon Industrial Building commercial building, and he would tend to purchase whole-building properties or reconstruction projects. At the end of February, Lin Zifeng, together with the “tape king” Chen Bingzhi, purchased a construction project for the construction of 43-45 Junye Street, Guantang Street from New World (017) for about RMB 950 million. It is expected that the occupation permit will be granted in September. Billion yuan holds two industrial and commercial projects in Kwun Tong.

Chen Bingzhi dismantled and sold the center

Large-scale turnover drove market sentiment, and 75% of the center’s ownership in Central was recently completed. The “tape king” Chen Bingzhi temporarily sold 3 floors, with an intention to sell from 48,000 yuan to 55,000 yuan, including 1 floor. About 25,000 square feet, the purchase price of the buyer to the end, the price of more than 1.2 billion yuan, the intention of the price of 48,800 yuan. It is learnt that prospective purchasers have already prepared a preliminary contract with Chen, further referring to the sale of the entire batch of properties next week, which will have the opportunity to be the first sale of the Central Plaza.

According to statistics, Cheung Kong (1113) sold 75% of its title in Central at RMB 42.0 billion last November. It involved 47 floors and about 25,000 square meters per floor. It is mainly held by 7 investors. Lu Wenrui holds 5 floors for personal use, Shimao (813) Xu Rongmao holds 9 floors, Jinlifeng (1031) Zhu Li Yuehua holds 8 floors, and “minibus king” Mayamu holds 13 floors. All three are planning to use for long-term rent collection.

Office building materials outperformed the market

Pan Zhiming, managing director of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial Store), said that in recent years, due to the One Belt and One Road initiative, Hong Kong has attracted overseas institutions to enter China, and Chinese-funded institutions also tend to purchase office space in the core area as their headquarters. This makes the market buyers abundant, and office buildings have outperformed the market. Investors believe that there is still some return on the purchase of industrial buildings to re-open and sell them into office buildings. As to whether the price of the Central Center will reach new heights, he believes that the supply of the Central Centre is very rare. In addition to the shortage of office supply in the district, it is expected that the bid of high-level units must be higher than 60,000 yuan per unit.

According to data from Meilian Business Office, the total number of registrations for commercial and commercial shops in the first quarter of this year totaled 2,566, up 11% quarter-on-quarter, with a turnover of 35.466 billion yuan, which is a single-season high record for five years, and 99.5 for permanent land. RMB 100 million sold the commercial building at No. 18, Jinghua Road, North Point to Zhongkechuang Capital.