Central Central Buyer Loan Program to be Changed

According to news quoted by foreign news agencies, the buyer’s consortium loan program of the Central Group of Changshi Group (1113) has changed. According to the new plan, the buyer will borrow 32 billion yuan from the bank for a one-year (allowable for half a year) loan. The mezzanine loan portion will be cancelled. The loan program is divided into two parts, of which 26 billion yuan is partly a lien for first-order loans (that is, when the borrower is unable to pay off its liabilities, it can punish the legal rights of the mortgaged assets), and the remaining 6 billion yuan is the second priority. Lien loan; The current loan program is the lowest of the three loan programs, which is 4.18 billion yuan less than the 36.18 billion yuan purchased from the Central Center, which is 920 million yuan less than the second option. The buyers at Central include Ma Yamu, Zhang Shunyi, Jin Lifeng (1031) CEO Zhu Liyuehua and Shimao Real Estate (813) Chairman Xu Rongmao.