Supply gap of 815 hectares in the next 8 years

The government calculated in 2030+ that Hong Kong’s land demand will reach at least 4,800 hectares by 2046. Even if all short, medium and long-term land supply measures can be implemented as planned, there will still be only about 3,600 hectares, and there will still be more than 1,200 hectares of land. It is understood that out of the more than 1200 hectares of land shortage, 815 hectares will have to be met within the next eight years, equivalent to about 43 Victoria Parks, affected by multiple variables, and the gap will be greater at any time.

Area of ​​about 43 Victoria Park

Sources pointed out that among the 815 hectares mentioned above, 108 hectares were used for housing development, of which public housing accounted for 49 hectares and private houses about 59 hectares; 135 hectares were economical, while infrastructure and facilities were 572 hectares. In the 20 years after 2026, there is also a supply gap of about 391 hectares.

It is learnt that the above figures are conservative estimates because they did not take into account the construction of land for hotel and retail use, nor did they reflect the additional infrastructure and land requirements for the facilities brought by the Government once the implementation of the new policy was implemented; at the same time, there was no improvement in living space. In consideration. As regards the 3,600 hectares that the government has been expected to implement as planned, there are reports that there is also “water". For example, the completion dates of the Kwu Tung North in Sheung Shui and the North New Development Area in Fanling have been later than originally planned. Huang Yuanhui, chairman of the Land Supply Task Force, admitted that even if all the short- and medium-term options thrown up for discussion by the group are implemented, it will be difficult to meet the gap of more than 800 hectares.