HS announced the sub-lease plan in August

In the “Policy Report" last year, the Government proposed to allow the subsidized homeowners under the Housing Society to sub-let the rent of some rooms in the unpaid land premium flats. The Housing Society also considered the use of existing housing resources. The Chairman of the HS, Mr Man Kam-wai, said that the relevant plans are almost ready, or that the “first-come first-trial" can be officially launched next month. He admits that it is not clear how many of the more qualified unit owners are interested in participating in the project, and the HS is studying ways to review the qualifications of the units participating in the project.

Has been studied seven seven eight eight

At present, more than 280,000 people are waiting for public housing, and many of them are living in poor environments such as mortuaries. In the “Policy Report" last October, the Government has asked the Housing Society to study how the owners of subsidised housing flats which have not subsidised their land premiums can be rented out of idle rooms to those in need. It has also been said that the third quarter of this year. Details can be announced. Yu Manhai said during the visit that the related projects can make better use of the existing housing resources and have studied “7, 780″, and the latest forecast is to be launched next month.

He said that there are currently more than 10,000 owners of the house or residential sale schemes under the Housing Society, or there are idle rooms. However, if the owners wish to rent out, “they face a dilemma. The current property prices are high and need to be The premium is as high as two or three million yuan, which makes the rental income disproportionate to the premium payment. As a result, the room is used for garbage and empty space, and some housing resources are wasted."

Unknown how many owners are willing to sublet

He said that the HS is only “first-in-first-trial". The number of HOS flats which have been built by the HA has been relatively high. However, since the HOS flats involve amendments to the Ordinance, the subsidised sale flats under the Housing Society are only required to The Department obtained an exemption. However, he admits that it is unknown how many owners will be willing to rent a room at that time, but they can understand the effect and reaction of the project first. “We must first look at the situation we are doing."

It is also confirmed that the Housing Society will only be responsible for issuing certificates to eligible owners and potential tenants who have been on the Waiting List for several years. The intermediary will be handed over to the estate agents in the market, but the HS will not There will be no role. “For example, if we have more than one room in the unit and if there are any changes, we have to know." He said that he is still studying whether the HS will be admitted to the Housing Authority to review the sub-letting unit.