A new batch of “Baiju II" is tentatively scheduled to be on the 30th of this month.

The “Land Debate" has ended in two months. Public-private partnerships for the development of New Territories agricultural land are one of the short-term supply options. The Chairman of the Land Supply Task Force, Mr Wong Wai-fai, attended a radio programme yesterday. He pointed out that public and private cooperation involves many implementation details. It is described as “the devil is in the details" and may need to be handled by a government-independent structure to prevent the public from questioning “collusion between government and business". In addition, there is news that the new batch of “Baiju II" plans are tentatively scheduled to be held on the 30th of this month to determine the priority of applicants. After the unit price is discounted, it may still be over 10,000 yuan. The URA’s non-executive director, Huang Yuanhui, believes that those eligible for the application can afford it.

Huang Yuanhui: Public and private cooperation involves many details

It is reported that the Housing Authority will be the 2,500 quotas for the “Baiju II" project on the 30th of this month, including 2,250 family quotas and 250 One-person applicant quota to determine applicant priority. The White House II was launched in March this year. The Housing Authority has received about 61,000 applications. The winners will receive the “Approval Letter" as soon as possible in October. Applicants must apply for proof of eligibility within two weeks. Book, and buy second-hand HOS flats that have not been replenished within 12 months.

The URA’s Board of Directors will also meet on Tuesday to discuss the pricing mechanism and resale restrictions of the “Hong Kong people first on board" at Ma Tau Wai Road. As a non-executive director, Mr Wong pointed out that the pricing principle should be 10% to 20% higher than the HOS flats. The current HOS flats are sold at a 50% discount. It is only after the discussion of the board of directors that there is a conclusion. However, it is considered that no matter what level is set, it will be far below the market price. It is believed that the middle- and high-income families who are eligible to apply can afford it.

For the public-private partnership to develop the New Territories agricultural land, there is a “five-five-minute account” ratio between private developers and public housing institutions. Huang Yuanhui, who is also the chairman of the Land Supply Task Force, said that public consultation has the opinion that the ratio of public and private housing should be five or five or seven, but involves many implementation details. The devil is often in the details and may need to be handled by a government-independent structure. To avoid public doubts about “collusion between government and business."

Depression must be multi-pronged

As for the Government’s endorsement of reclamation, Huang Yuanhui said that it takes 15 to 20 years to reclamation. He believes that “the far water can’t save the fire" is not the only option. It must be multi-pronged. He said that the Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, was the Secretary for Development. He had an understanding of the land supply options and his views were very normal. He stressed that the Government and the Panel respected the public opinion very much. I believe that most of the views of the community will be the final basis.