Yunhui Xunyi 64 people are close to selling

After the launch of the new housing policy, the first-hand disk continued to be actively sold. The two focus disks developed by Xindi were sold synchronously yesterday. The sales office is now lined up to pick up the people and grab all the passengers. Baishijiao Yunhui 2 It is reported that the number of buyers is mainly 64. It is reported that the buyers are mainly young customers. Many of them have received the first phase of parental support. As for the same point of the North Point, they have recorded more than 38 million yuan for two groups.

Yesterday, a total of more than 92 people were listed in the new market. Among them, the Baishijiao Yunhui Phase 2, which was developed by Xindi, became the dominant one. The market pushed 66 people for the second round of sales yesterday. The market said that 64 people were sold out and sold out. It is reported that The buyer is mainly based on the user, and also recorded a big deal. Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential department of the Central Asia-Pacific region, said that some buyers have invested about 15 million yuan to purchase two 1-bedroom households.

More than 92 people in the new disk

After the ticket was screened yesterday morning, it was immediately sold at 12:30 pm. It was first used by insiders for subscription. It was followed by the registration period for the big hand and general buyers. As far as the scene was concerned, there were already many standards before the official registration. Buyers have successively arrived at the sales offices of the Kowloon Station commercial buildings. There are frequent queues of people on the scene. There are many family guests and young people. The order is in order and the atmosphere is lively.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the United States Residential Department, said that the bank’s prospective buyers’ attendance rate reached 80%. Nearly 60% of the buyers were young buyers after 80 and 90. About half of them required parents to pay for the first payment. As for the period, as for the proportion of users, about 70%, the remaining 30% are investors. In addition, the districts are mainly based on residents in the New Territories, accounting for about 80%. The rest are buyers from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, which account for about 20%.

Parents contribute to the first period

As for the second phase of Yunhui, under the two-round sales, there are currently about 229 gangs. The developer will announce the latest sales deployment today, and it is expected to be added in the short term.

In addition, the North Point of the North Point also sold 30 people in the second round yesterday. The unit is open to two-bedroom units. According to market news, as of 8 pm last night, 13 people were temporarily suspended. At the same time, there were also large-scale customers. The two-food case is a high-rise A and B room of Block 5A. They are all one-bedroom units with an area of ​​364 and 378 square meters respectively. The price is 38.275 million yuan and the average price is about 51,584 yuan. In addition, the units sold yesterday were mainly open-ended and 1-bedroom households.

Buy high-rise rooms A and B

As can be seen from the scene, the project is located at the sales office of Central Commercial Building. There are also queues before the sale. It is reported that there are many investors in addition to their homes.

As for the Tongji Tseung Kwan O Jin Hai II and the Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels, there were also cases of transactions. Among them, Jinhai II was connected to 5 groups. According to the transaction record book, including the 3A high-rise Room B, the transaction price was 11.81 million yuan, and the area was 623. Fang Wei, the price of 18958 yuan, the other is the high-rise C room of 3A, with an area of ​​490 square feet, the transaction price is 8,836,900 yuan, and the price is 17079 yuan.

The Tuen Mun Yu Mid-Levels has two groups, including the low-floor H room of Block 1B. The area is 386 square meters, with a price of 7.364 million yuan and a price of 19078 yuan. In addition, the existing pallets at the end of the building were also recorded. Among them, Tseung Kwan O, Tian Jin, took out a group of 1 high-rise room A, with a transaction price of 35.02 million yuan, a unit area of ​​1,305 square feet, a price of 26,835 yuan, and the same department Tianjin IIIA. A transaction was also recorded.