Eastern Mid-Levels Elegant Court Duplex 44.6 million for sale

Liu Yulin, senior manager of Lijiage, said that the low-rise duplex unit of the elegant half of the East Mid-Levels, with an area of ​​1794 square meters, is a 3 bedroom suite design, looking forward to the opening, with a change of 44.6 million yuan, the price of 24861 yuan, the original The owner purchased it for about 8.8 million yuan in 00, and the book profit was 35.8 million yuan.

The agent said that the No. 2 house of Zijing South Road, Jinxiu Garden, Yuen Long, with an area of ​​about 902 square feet, was sold for 10.68 million yuan, and the price was 11,840 yuan.

Fairview Garden price of 11,800

Century 21 Qifeng Business Director Liao Zhenxiong said that the double house of Jinhao Garden in Saigon was sold with a building area of ​​1,400 square feet, with a transaction price of 11.18 million yuan and a price of 7986 yuan.

Zhang Weiguang, co-director of Zhongyuan Senior Senior Division, said that the high-rise room B of Jinshange in the Eastern Mid-Levels has an area of ​​457 square meters. The two rooms are separated and the landscape is open. The price is changed to 8.25 million yuan, and the price is 18053 yuan.

The agent said that the Olympic station is located in the high-rise G room of the 2nd Emperor Bay, with an area of ​​about 475 square meters. The two-room design is designed to open the public view. After the bargaining, it is rented out at 23,500 yuan, and the rent is about 49.5 yuan.

Xu Beiqing, senior business manager of Qfang.com, said that the E-room of the high-rise building of the 2nd floor of Wanchai Xingyu Xuan has an area of ​​573 square meters. It is a one-bedroom interval. It looks at the mountain view and leases it for 38,000 yuan. The lease is about 66.3 yuan. It is understood that The owner purchased it for 5.25 million yuan in 2001, and the rental return was about 8.7 percent.