Exploring the complementary development of Hong Kong outlets

In the press conference and forum of “Hong Kong Surpassing Internal Consumption", the authors of a number of books explored the existing problems and future solutions in Hong Kong, covering political chaos, lack of education, and complementary development of the Mainland and Hong Kong. Outlook and so on.

Asian weekly editor-in-chief Qiu Liben said that after years of illegal “occupation of China", the internal consumption of Hong Kong society has improved, but there are still deep contradictions. For example, housing problems have made it impossible for young people who can afford it, but there are people. Obtaining benefits in the property market has led to a generational conflict in Hong Kong.

Columnist Qu Yingxi pointed out that there is a problem in the current education system in Hong Kong, that is, the lack of conceptual education on students’ right and wrong, and not dare to directly criticize and correct the students’ wrong words and deeds, so that when different people in the society interpret the core values ​​of Hong Kong, Young people are vulnerable to incorrect influences.

Yang Zhigang, vice president of the Baptist University (foreign affairs), believes that the campus is open to the freedom of speech, but what are weeds, which are grasses and flowers, the final definition is inseparable from legal authority in the United States. It is the US Constitution, which is the Basic Law and the National Constitution in Hong Kong.

Can’t unilaterally enlarge the “two systems"

Chen Jianqiang, president of the Hong Kong Professional Association, said that there has been an intersection between Hong Kong and the country’s development level. Compared with the early days of reform and opening up, Hong Kong has been regarded as an example by mainland cities. Nowadays, the development of many cities in the Mainland has shown signs of surpassing Hong Kong. Reflection, whether this is caused by internal friction, we must also recognize that Hong Kong can no longer unilaterally enlarge its own value and “two systems", but realize that Hong Kong has a solid backing of the country and even the envy of similar places in Singapore and so on. The integration of Hong Kong and the Mainland cannot be based on the mentality of anyone who is bigger than others.

Media people Pan Liqiong hopes that the government will find out the deep-seated contradictions and internal frictions of the society, and deal with different social problems. In addition to hard work, it is necessary to use soft hands and cooperate with grooming methods to avoid the situation of wildfires.